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One of the quickest and easiest ways to add visual interest to a room is by using a wall mirror. But with so many different shapes, sizes, and styles available, it can be tough to pick the right one for your space. Here are some tips from the experts at Mirplus Design to help you pick the right size wall mirror and choose the perfect one for your home.



Mirror Types

There are actually many different ways to classify mirrors. The subject of this article is wall mirrors, so let's classify them according to whether they are mounted on a wall or not.


Wall mirror:

Most wall mirrors are designed to be hung and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every room and every purpose.


Recessed mirrors:

Recessed mirrors are LED-illuminated mirrors that can be electrified. Since these mirrors come with their own electrical box and are slightly thicker than normal mirrors, they can be designed to be recessed in order to save space and aesthetics. Its variant is a medicine cabinet with mirror door or mirror cabinet.


Hanging Full Length Mirror:

The hanging full length mirror is both long and narrow, providing you with a full body reflection.


Freestanding Mirror:

Freestanding mirrors do not need to be hung on the wall and can stand upright or diagonally on the floor or platform.



Should I Get a Wall or Floor Mirror?

Before you can decide whether a wall mirror or floor mirror is right for you, it's important to consider the intended purpose of the mirror.

Are you looking for something functional, like a mirror to help you get ready in the morning? Or are you hoping to add a decorative touch to your home?

If functionality is your main concern, a wall mirror is a good option.

Wall mirrors are often wider than floor mirrors, making them ideal for checking your appearance before heading out for the day. They can also be hung at eye level, which eliminates the need for bending or stooping.

round wall mirror


However, if you're looking for a mirror that makes more of a statement, then a floor mirror is the way to go.

Floor mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your taste. They can also be used as decorative elements in your home, adding depth and light to any room.

Besides, floor mirrors placed in public areas are more likely to be dirty and easily broken.

More over, keep in mind that floor mirrors are heavy and can be difficult to move, so make sure you choose the right spot for your new mirror. 

free standing mirror


How to Pick the Right Size Wall Mirror?

What are the rules for wall mirror size?

A rule of thumb for all homes is to choose a mirror that is approximately two-thirds the size of the furniture (table, sink, sofa, shoe cabinet, dresser, etc.) below the mirror.

If you are not sure which size is right for your space, use cardboard to help you determine its location and size.

Also, you should consider the brightness of the room's natural light and the main color of the room's decor --- choose as large a mirror as possible for darker rooms.

Although most wall mirrors come in different sizes and you can find or customize almost any size, most manufacturers make them in three fixed models, large, small and medium.


Using the most common round and rectangular shapes as examples---


Small Size Wall Mirror:

Round - 16 inch in diameter

Square shape -20 x 28 inch


Medium Size Wall Mirror:

Round - 24 inch in diameter

Square -24 x 36 inch


Large Size Wall Mirror:

Round - 34 inch in diameter

Square - over 30 x 36 inch


What are the rules for wall mirror height?

A typical room height is 8 to 9 feet. You can divide the wall height into four equal parts, at which point the mirror is mounted between half and three-quarters of the wall height. This method can be applied to most walls. In fact, many hotels and public areas have mirrors set this way for mirror height.

This is a good method, but you also have to consider the general height of your family.

Every family is different, but it turns out that a height of 5 feet off the floor is a good average distance.

You can also use the eye-level method, where the eyes are positioned in the center of the mirror. Use this as the midpoint to fine tune up and down. Use cardboard as a mockup so that most family members can use this wall mirror.


The general rule of picking out the right size wall mirror

  1. Decide on the purpose of the mirror.
  2. Consider your wall space and how much mirror you need.
  3. Choose a frame that fits with your decor.
  4. Think about the style of mirror – traditional, contemporary, or eclectic.
  5. Pick a mirror that reflects your personality.
  6. Make sure the mirror is hung correctly for optimal viewing.


Tips on How to Pick the Right Size Wall Mirror for Different Rooms:

The right size wall mirror for each room will vary depending on the space. Here are some tips on how to pick the right size wall mirror for different rooms in your home.


Right size wall mirror above the bathroom vanity 

In the home, the most frequently used place for mirrors is the bathroom and the bedroom. Therefore, the functionality of the mirror in these two places is more important than the decoration.

The ideal state is to install a built-in mirror cabinet with storage space. It can hide cosmetics and daily necessities, but also has the function of a mirror. LED mirrors with lights allow the family to use the mirror better.

Don't forget the defogging function!


30"×36" Recessed anti-fog mirror cabinet

30"×36" Recessed anti-fog mirror cabinet

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The common shape of mirror cabinets is rectangular with a more restricted and single style. If you prefer a more modern style of mirror to match your bathroom style, then you can also choose an oval LED bathroom mirror.

Large bathroom mirrors that line the walls may give a sense of oppression. You can choose two small 24-inch diameter round or 20 x 28-inch oval bathroom mirrors to hang side-by-side above two sinks for a unique look.


24" round backlit bathroom mirror
24" round backlit bathroom mirror

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20"x28" oral lighted bathroom mirror
20"x28" oral lighted bathroom mirror

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Right size wall mirror for the bedroom

The function of the mirror mounted on the dresser is to provide a reflective surface and light. That's why an adjustable LED mirror with light is so important!

It doesn't need to be so large, but most importantly sophisticated and powerful enough to dim. A sophisticated mirror can enhance the look of your room. A small oval mirror of 20 x 28 inches is recommended. The oval shape is also perfect for the bedroom because of its round and soft shape, which in feng shui can promote harmony between husband and wife and reduce the frequency of quarrels.

20" x 28" oral-shape bedroom make up LED mirror

20" x 28" oral-shape bedroom make up LED mirror

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The closet area also needs to be added a full-length mirror, you can choose a wall mirror or a standing mirror. The wall mirror is more space-saving, and not easy to fall over. The size of the full-length mirror or dressing mirror can be chosen from 40×140cm to 80×180cm.

21" x 65" full-length LED mirror

21" x 65" full-length LED mirror 

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Right size wall mirror for the living room

There are a lot of instructions for placing mirrors in the living room, first we need to know where it is appropriate to place a mirror, and where not to place a mirror.

Perhaps you have seen the method of hanging mirrors above the sofa. But in feng shui, this is wrong.

The mirror has heavy and fragile characteristics, so if it is hung above the sofa where people often sit, it will have an ominous omen.

do not hang a mirror over the sofa


Wall mirrors in the living room are primarily decorative and designed to add impact to your space. Wall mirrors work well and leave space for your practical furniture.

You can choose decorative and artistic wall mirror with frame for your living room.

For example, the mirror hanging above the fireplace is chosen according to the size and style of the fireplace. Large vintage brass framed mirrors make your living room unique. Be the center of attention for everyone.

To add creativity and art to your living room, a non-traditional shaped mirror is a good choice. Hang a medium-sized arched mirror above a square dresser so that the mirror reflects right into the chandelier or against the wall decor.

In feng shui terms, this placement equates to double the good luck for the houseowner!


Right size wall mirror for the dining room

The symbolism of installing a mirror on the wall of the dining room, directly opposite the dining table, is that food will always be plentiful. Another thing to note is that the mirror avoids shining into the kitchen's stove.

The mirror in the dining room should not be too small, instead, try to choose a large mirror. If conditions allow, choose a large mirror that covers the entire wall. If you have a sideboard and the wall is empty, you can hang a round or square mirror of a large size (about 30 inches long). Other shapes of mirrors are not suitable for hanging in the dining room.

large mirror for dining room


Right size wall mirror for the entryway

The mirrors in the entryway are the same as the mirrors in the living room, you can choose more decorative mirrors to show off your taste. Go to a mirror market and choose a mirror that is unique and in your favorite style.

The entryway mirror does not need to be large, as there are many more things you need to put in this space. For example, shoe cabinets, shelves for various items, etc. Just choose the size of the mirror according to the remaining space on the wall.

Of course, the mirror here also does not choose to only can reflect your face of such a small size, because you want to check yourself when you go out. It is better to be able to see half of your own body. Rectangular mirrors can give you a more comprehensive reflective surface. A rectangular mirror with a width of 24 inches and a height of 32 inches is the most suitable size for an entryway mirror.

Remember, do not place mirrors in the entry way against the door! It can be hung on a wall perpendicular to the door.

mirror for the entryway


We recommend the perfect wall mirror for you.



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