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When you are looking to improve the flow of energy in your home, knowing about Feng Shui best place for mirrors is a must.

In this blog post, we will explore the basics of Feng Shui and how mirrors play into this ancient practice.

Mirrors can be a great way to bring more light into your home, but only if they're used correctly. The experts have some rules for how you should position and use them so that all the bad vibes leave quickly!


Why is Feng Shui position so important?

In the eighteenth century, Feng Shui flowed from China to Europe, and scholars called it the oriental science of the environment.

Feng Shui is a large category, and its core idea is the harmony and unity of human beings and nature.

Here, we choose to talk about Feng Shui in the home, which is most closely connected to human beings and most concerned.

Home Feng Shui is part of Feng Shui research; its object of study is the human and home environment, one cannot be missing. The study of home Feng Shui is precisely the integration of the two.


The application of home Feng Shui knowledge has formed a complete system in the process of environment selection, environment optimization and environment transformation.

It allows meticulous observation and analysis of the home's external and indoor environment.

With people as the core, combined with time and place, the results are obtained after a comprehensive evaluation, and solutions are designed according to the problems that arise.

This is Feng Shui assessment.


So, Feng Shui is really understood more as a verb. You need to have a professional come to your home and observe all the circumstances before giving a conclusion.

And this conclusion is not set in stone; it may change according to the environment; it is a dynamic process.


All of the advice in this article is derived from summarizing the laws of most homes. All feng shui advice is designed to make people feel more comfortable, and only when people feel comfortable, luck will follow.

So, if you feel bad after practicing that advice, please confidently give it up.


Types of Feng Shui Mirrors

People often use mirrors as a tool to transform evils. In Feng Shui, the classification of mirrors is different from the home mirror classification; they can be divided into concave lens, convex lens, Bagua mirror, flat mirror, white tiger mirror, and so on.

Among them, the flat mirror is the mirror we commonly use in the home.

These mirrors are mainly used to transform the evil, that is, to reflect the bad things, so as not to be attacked by the evil to yourself.

Concave lens, convex lens, Bagua mirror, white tiger mirror should be used under the guidance of a professional teacher.

Otherwise, it will bring unnecessary harm to yourself.

Tiger head Bagua mirror

Tiger head Bagua mirror via Taoyunge


Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors in Your house

According to statistics, one American family has at least 4 mirrors. The placement of mirrors is also very learned. Where is the feng shui best place for mirrors? The following is the answer to your question.


Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors --- in Bathroom

Best place for mirrors in bathroom

Bathroom mirrors can not be placed against the bathroom door and toilet. Because letting the mirror face the door will block the wealth outside the door. And the toilet is the most dirty thing in your house; if the toilet faces the mirror, it will reflect back the dirty Qi of the toilet to your house.


So where is the best place for mirrors in those tiny areas?

The first key to the best feng shui location is to place the mirror on the wall perpendicular to the bathroom doors, followed by avoiding facing the window directly.

With a mirror facing those room door, those negative Qi have a chance to grow and disperse to other places within the house.


But wait, theres more!


Be careful to follow a few rules below.


The shape of mirrors in bathroom

Round and oval mirrors are most suitable for placement in the bathroom.

In general, the bathroom is not suitable for placing mirrors with sharp angles. But square mirrors also have many advantages.

If you really want to place a square mirror in your bathroom, then you can choose to do round or oval sink to balance the disadvantages of square mirrors.

Feng Shui best place for mirrors in Bathroom

24" round backlit bathroom mirror


The brightness of the bathroom

Do not weaken the lighting in the bathroom.

 Feng Shui says that the bathroom is the most Yin and dirt in the house, so it is necessary to enhance the lighting in the bathroom to boost the Yang energy. Make your family feel at ease and in good health. A bathroom mirror with lights is a good choice in this regard!

lighted mirror helps you light up your bathroom
a lighted mirror helps you light up your bathroom


The clarity of mirrors in bathroom

When placing the bathroom mirror, it is best to place a complete large mirror, and the clearer the image of the mirror, the better. Silver mirror is by far the most clear image effect of the mirror. The vast majority of homes in the United States are now using silver mirrors.

However, if you have an antique mirror, the image is not very clear, then do not place it in the bathroom, it will bring bad luck.

do not place the old mirror in bedroom or bathroom
do not place the old mirror in bedroom or bathroom
(via wanghaiyan


The number of mirrors in bathroom

Some people will place a few small mirrors or magnifying mirrors on the sink. Although this will be convenient, but the human reflection is fragmented, after a long time, it will affect the mood of the person; so it is best not to put too many small mirrors or appear too much reflective surface in the bathroom.

The maximum number of mirrors that can be installed in the bathroom is 2, to meet the functional needs.

Do not install this cluttered combination of mirrors

Do not install this cluttered combination of mirrors.


The size of mirrors in bathroom

The mirror placed in the bathroom should be as large as possible, because waking up early in the morning to face a large mirror can disperse the bad energy of sleep and make people feel refreshed.

In addition, the mirror should not be too high and should not directly touch the ceiling.


feng shui best place for mirrors: how to choose the mirror size in the bathroom


Because leaving a space above the mirror means that the owner's career is promising; but it should not be too big; otherwise it will waste your space.

Never choose a mirror that is too small in size, especially one that can only see a face, which is not conducive to career development.

In terms of Feng Shui, the larger the mirror placed in the bathroom, the better the owner's fortune will be.



Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors --- in Bedroom

Don't place the mirror facing the bed.

If you have been sleeping poorly, and your bedroom happens to have a mirror or something similar to a mirror that is facing the bed, then try covering the mirror with a cloth for a few nights and see if your sleep quality has improved.

If so, then you need to start reinstalling your mirror. This is very important!

Why is it repeatedly stressed in Feng Shui that mirrors should not be placed against the bed?

Because mirrors are Yin in nature, and night is the time when Yin is most prevalent. The presence of a mirror, which strengthens the yin, has a direct impact on the person lying in bed.

In this case, luck will easily become worse, and the quality of sleep and physical condition will also decline.

feng shui best place for mirrors: in the bedroom
❌Do not put the mirror against the bed.
Do not put mirrors at an angle in the bedroom.


The best place and shape for mirrors in bedroom:

So that the most suitable location for the bedroom mirror is the other two walls except for the wall opposite to the bed. And not against the window.

It can be placed on the wall perpendicular to the window.

A well-placed mirror also helps to protect the owner's privacy.


It is suitable for putting a round mirror in the bedroom.

Round and oval frameless mirror symbolizes perfect and harmonious.

You'd best choose these two types of mirrors to place in your bedroom or above the hostess dressing table. Besides, you can choose the less angular style.

feng shui best place for mirrors: bedroom led mirror

No tilting placement of mirrors and not too large in size.

Besides, the mirror in the bedroom should not be placed at an angle and should not be too large in size.

Since the mirror has the ability to block evil spirits, it must be placed in a particularly upright position to maximize the effect of blocking evil spirits.

Although the mirror has a positive meaning in Feng Shui, its original property is Yin. So if the size of the mirror is too large, it will make the whole room Feng Shui become Yin and cold. The bedroom itself is already a place of Yin, so you can't gather too much Yin here. It should be balanced with Yin and Yang.

This is about the balance of Yin and Yang.


Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors --- in Dining Room

Placing mirrors in the dining room helps to increase wealth.

Mirrors enlarge the visual space and also increase energy.

If you hang a mirror on the wall of the dining room, facing the food, it foretells that the owner will double his wealth. But this mirror should not cover the entire wall; if the mirror in the dining room is too large, it will rather consume wealth.

Feng Shui best place for mirrors: Dining Room mirror

via xiugei.com

There are a few other points to note about the placement of mirrors in the dining room.

The dining room is often next to the kitchen, so when you choose the placement, take care not to face the stove, microwave oven, oven and other cooking utensils.

Because the stove belongs to the element of Fire. The mirror can reflect the same thing, which is equivalent to having extra fire in the kitchen, which will destroy the balance and thus will increase the anger of the family and increase the possibility of quarrels.


If the mirror which is facing the dining table will also shine on the kitchen stove, then do not place any mirror in your dining room.


Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors --- in Living Room

Let the mirror reflect the beautiful scenery or decorations.

On the basis rules of avoiding mirrors facing doors and windows, the mirrors placed in the living room should try to reflect beautiful things.

As mentioned above, mirrors can show and supply energy, so placing a mirror in front of something beautiful has the attention to increase double luck.

feng shui best place for mirrors: place a mirror in living room

via pdd


It is suitable for placing square mirrors in living room.

Its square pattern can strengthen the owner's momentum. But it is best to use those mirrors with frames, to avoid fury being exposed.


Dont Hang Mirror Behind Sofa.

Just like the bed, the back of the sofa should be placed against a wall for a sense of security. Some say that if a mirror is placed on the wall behind the sofa, that sense of security is lost. The same was said for a mirror placed on the wall behind the bed.


Feng Shui Best Place for Mirrors --- for the Entryway

Placing a decorative mirror on either side of the wall of the entryway door can provide many benefits.

It helps fortune to enter and stay in your house. It is also convenient for you to organize yourself and check your appearance before going out.

On the other hand, they can be great on landings of small staircases to help widen the space.

However, if you find a broken mirror near the front door, be sure to replace it as soon as possible or there will be a disaster. 

How to choose the right size wall mirror for the entryway?

feng shui best place for mirrors: place the mirror on either side of the wall of the hallway


Putting Mirrors in These Places Will Reduce Feng Shui Fortune

The places summarized below are common to the whole house and do not refer to a single room.


  1. Do not place the mirror against any door of the house.

Reason: Mirror has a reflection function, placed against the door will be easy to reflect the fortune out, resulting in poor fortune at home.


  1. The mirror should not be placed directly against the window.

To avoid the reflection of bad things outside the window, then caused by fright, generate anxiety.


  1. Bathroom: Do not place against the toilet.

It's the same reason as the previous tip. The toilet is the most filthy place in the house. If placed against the toilet, it will lead to the emission of these dirty Qi into the whole house, thus interfering with the house's atmosphere.

Besides, the toilet in the bathroom represents personal privacy. If the mirror is placed against the toilet, it will make people feel insecure and their privacy will be exposed.

If a person is in this state for a long time, it will produce greater psychological pressure, which will affect your health over time.


  1. Avoid placing in places where people are easily frightened.

Reason: Mirrors can reflect the energy of people and objects. So avoid placing them in the most vulnerable or unconscious places.


Let's make it easy.


Don't put it where you first see it when you wake up, because this time your Yang energy is the weakest and you are easily frightened. Or put it directly across from the door. Every time you enter the door, you are easily frightened. In this way, people are prone to mental tension in the long run.


  1. Mirrors should not be embedded in the ceiling, which will make people feel uneasy.


  1. Avoid Placing Mirrors Above Beds, Sofas or Chairs
feng shui best place for mirrors: do not place mirror above the sofa or bed

via fashion-home

Hanging a mirror behind your sofa or bed can be bad for Feng Shui because it could make you feel like there's no safe place to sit.

The weight of an object above these spaces also has potential to affect how comfortable someone feels in their surroundings, so avoid hanging anything heavy right below where people will spend most time sitting or sleeping during daily life routines- this includes pictures as well!


Pros and Cons of Feng Shui

Advantages of Feng Shui:

There are plenty of advantages to integrating Feng Shui into your home.


  1. The basic Feng Shui advice is so straightforward and simple that even a complete novice can start utilizing Feng Shui by considering best practices.


  1. Feng Shui begins to work immediately after application and the benefits are seen within a few weeks.


  1. There are many aspects that can be improved through Feng Shui, such as wealth, health, luck, mood and so on. And many of these are based on science.


  1. Feng Shui assists you in maintaining an organized and tidy personal space. As you begin to understand the principles of Feng Shui, you will begin to appreciate the value of keeping a clean space and begin to keep your home as neat and orderly as possible.


  1. As you begin to perceive improvements in your life, you will feel more confident and happy.


  1. Feng Shui gifts fortune and luck to the occupants of a home. One of the easiest ways to improve your life is to use Feng Shui.


  1. It is an interesting field, and once you learn or remember certain principles, you can help those around you to improve their living environment.
mirplus best oval lighted mirror

Disadvantages of Feng Shui:

Naturally, there are also a few disadvantages to opting for Feng Shui.

  1. Home Feng Shui needs to be changed and applied according to the changing environment. This will take a lot of effort, which is not always possible to maintain.


  1. Feng Shui requires you to master and remember a large number of Feng Shui principles and apply them flexibly, which is also difficult to do.


  1. Sometimes changing places and objects that we are familiar with is not always something we can easily accept.


  1. It can also be a bit expensive, especially if you want to hire a Feng Shui expert.


Round Mirrors are the Good Feng Shui Mirrors for Your Bathroom or Bedroom



Have you ever tried using mirrors in your home to improve the flow of energy?

Do you believe in the principles of Feng Shui, or any other type of design-based philosophy?

If you find it useful, please leave your footprints in the comment section. We’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts.


Contact us today if you need help finding the perfect mirror for your home according to feng shui principles – we can recommend some great options that will bring good luck and positive energy into your life!

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