Medicine Cabinet

Five benefits of the surface-mounted 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet

Mirplus 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet. 

This elegant mirror has a frosted light inset border that provides optimal task lighting for everyday grooming and keeps essentials well organized by hiding them behind its beautiful surface!

Adjustable glass shelves and embedded mirrors let you see everything inside the cabinet.

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Five benefits of the surface-mounted 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet

✅Expand storage space

This 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet is made specifically for small homes. The lighted medicine cabinet greatly enhances the storage capacity of the given space.

Even if the bathroom space is small, you can find the right size mirror cabinet to store the bottles and jars that were previously cluttering the countertop.

Let the bathroom instantly become neat.


✅Waterproof and moisture-proof

In addition to the storage function, this 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet also has a very good hidden role.

You can customize the design with waterproof sockets inside the mirror cabinet according to your needs. This makes it safer and more convenient to use electrical devices in the bathroom.

Store your electric toothbrush, razor, hair dryer, and other small appliances in the cabinet. A dry and moisture-proof environment will extend the life of your appliances.


✅LED lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Are you worried about the lack of lighting in your bathroom? This mirror cabinet is energy-saving LED lights, as a supplement to the main light source in the bathroom, more convenient for you to groom and organize your grooming.


✅Ease of installation

This 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinet is the most convenient option because you do not have to open up and dig into walls.

This can be installed in either an existing or new bathroom, making it perfect for anyone who needs storage space but doesn’t want any disruption to their busy lifestyle!

Surface mount models are easy as they just hang over existing holes or can be installed without worrying about wires because there's nothing plugged into those slots!

Recessed versions need to fit perfectly, so make sure before cutting anything that it’s really necessary to install them--you might not want another wire running across the room.


✅Time-saving and simple tools

These 24 x 36 lighted medicine cabinets are a great option for those who don't have the patience or experience to properly install a complex traditional medicine cabinet. Most come with easy hanging instructions, and you'll only need one tool - usually an adjustable wrench to put it together!