Backlit VS. Frontlit Mirror Which one is better?

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Looking for a mirror that provides great lighting for your makeup routine? You might be wondering if a backlit mirror or a front-lit mirror is better for you.

In this blog post, we'll break down the differences between these two types of mirrors so you can decide which one is right for you.

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What is a Backlit Mirror?

Backlit mirrors with light strips installed and hidden behind the mirror, normally do not add an outer frame to block the light strip.

The location of the strip in addition to laying a full circle, there are options for the upper and lower sides with lights, or left and right sides with lights.

Some backlit mirrors have a special pattern carved into the edge of the surface so that the light shines through the pattern on the glass. That’s a beautiful finish. It serves as a decorative effect and makes your bathroom unique.

Backlit mirrors are the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom. They provide uniform lighting that makes it easy to see your reflection, and they can make your bathroom feel more spa-like.

mirplus round backlit mirror

mirplus round backlit mirror

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What is a Front-lit Mirror?

The illuminated area of the front-lit mirror is on the front surface of the mirror, a few centimeters from the edge of the mirror. As backlit mirrors, the position of the lighted strip is not only in a circle around the surface of the mirror, but also with lights on the top and bottom, or with lights on the left and right sides options.

Generally speaking, the surface of the light-emitting area will be made of frosted glass style. This can make the light softer and reduce the effect of dazzling.


mirplus round front-lit mirror

mirplus round front-lit mirror

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Similarities Between a Backlit Mirror and a Frontlit Mirror

High color rendering index Ra ≥ 90

Modern smart backlit mirrors and front-lit mirrors have LED bulbs with high color rendering, combined with HD mirrors to provide you true color.

The color rendering index is taken as 100; the higher the average color difference, the lower the Ra value. Now the smart mirror will use the mirror light index Ra ≥ 90. It can restore the makeup and color of the skin very real and accurate.

This allows you to see your most real self.

High color rendering index light strip


Power Supply and LED Driver

Both the backlit mirror and the front-lit mirror require power to use the additional features.

Both mirrors use LED bulbs to emit light. LEDs are very energy efficient and can save a lot of money on your home's electricity bill.

LEDs consume far less power than incandescent bulbs and only need six to eight watts of electricity to provide the same amount of brightness. 

So you don't have to worry that they will consume a lot of electricity compared to traditional mirrors.

mirplus oval lighted mirror traditional oval mirror
mirplus lighted oval mirror Jeslea traditional oval mirror

 lighted oval mirror vs. traditional oval mirror


Uniform light

Both mirrors emit light that shines evenly on a person's face, without shadows appearing, providing sufficient illumination for beauty operations. This is, of course, for both models are with full surround of the light strip.


The same practical function

LED illuminated mirrors can all have the same practical use.

These mirrors can also be used as light sources. For example, LED mirrors can provide primary lighting in a small bathroom, secondary lighting in a larger space, and ambient lighting in a bedroom.

In addition to the light function, there can be functions such as defogging, clock, weather, date, Bluetooth, and TV. All of these features can be present in any smart mirror.

many functions of the backlit and front-lit mirror


Aesthetic Features

Both backlit and front-lit mirrors have a stunning look and they can give a modern ambiance to any area. Illuminable mirrors must be placed in any bathroom or vanity design because of their elegant look.

Either type of illuminated mirror can expand the visual space of the bathroom and is the most prominent presence inside the bathroom.


Difference between a backlit mirror and a frontlit mirror


The most distinct difference between the two types of mirrors is that they have a distinctly different appearance.

The difference in appearance can be seen directly in the two comparison pictures below. Which one do you prefer if you just look at the appearance?

24"×32" rectangular front-lit mirror
24"×32" rectangular backlit mirror

24"×32" rectangular front-lit mirror

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24"×32" rectangular backlit mirror

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In addition, when not powered on, the appearance of the backlit mirror is more like a traditional mirror, making it difficult to tell whether it is a smart mirror or a regular mirror for a while.


Backlit mirrors come in two main forms of appearance. One is where you can't see the light source on the entire side of the mirror, and when the mirror is hung on the wall, you can only see the light scattered from behind, creating a spa-like appearance.

The other is that the reflective coating on the edges is stripped away and made frosted. So you can see the light source scattered through the glass on the front of the mirror. It provides the appearance of a front light.

different light strip types of the backlit and front-lit mirrors


The front-lit mirror can only be illuminated by a built-in light strip a few centimeters from the mirror's edge.

Other illuminated variants have their lights positioned right around the mirror's borders, effectively shining through the frame in front of the mirror and directly onto your face.


Ease of use

In addition to being mounted on the wall, the front-lit mirror can be designed as a very small piece of vanity mirror that stands independently on a dressing table or glued on a large mirror in the bathroom. It can be used more freely.

A backlit mirror, on the other hand, can only be mounted on the wall, or its unique beauty is wasted.

lighted make-up mirror

lighted make-up mirror


Smaller front-lit mirrors can even be powered by batteries or designed to be rechargeable. This allows them to be folded up and carried around, making them ideal for traveling out of the house.


Backlit mirror vs. frontlit mirror: which one is better?

Using a backlit mirror is better: (Advantages of a backlit mirror)

Make more visual space

Since the backlit mirror has a light strip that is hidden behind it and does not take up the mirror, the mirror is smooth and unadulterated, so it looks bigger and reflects more light.

So, if you have a small bathroom or other small space, installing a backlit mirror is a great solution.


Create a sense of ambiance

When you turn on the light of the backlit mirror, it looks as if it is floating on the wall. The light diffuses out from the back of the mirror, giving a sense of romantic ambiance. That's why many spas choose these mirrors to add a romantic touch.

backlit mirror can give a sense of romantic ambiance


Using a frontlit mirror is better: (advantages of a frontlit mirror)

The best choice for makeup mirrors

The front-lit mirror is the best makeup mirror to provide ample light to brighten the complexion of the hostess while she is doing her makeup.


As an aid for live broadcast or selfie

If you are an internet celebrity, or a social sharing enthusiast, a front-lit mirror can help you light up your live or selfies. After all, it's no exaggeration to say that every beauty blogger has at least one front-lit mirror.


an aid for live broadcast or selfie


Where else can I put a backlit mirror or front-lit mirror besides the bathroom?

Entryway mirror for tidy up yourself

You can place a lighted mirror near the shoe cabinet at the front entrance. This mirror does not need to be very large.

When you leave the house, you can always check your status, make final adjustments and organize your grooming. Smile in the mirror and have a day full of energy!

Note that the mirror should not be installed directly opposite the door, but on the side. Avoid being frightened by the reflection of the mirror when you open the door.


Dressing mirror for clothing room

If your clothing room is large enough, then you can install a full body lighted mirror. To save space, you can also install a half-body lighted mirror.

Checkrooms are generally very dim and have no windows, so a lighted mirror adds a lot of brightness to your space, allowing you to see what you are wearing and to match your clothes to the color temperature.

The most important time, when you just change clothes and jewelry, you can give yourself a beautiful selfie in the checkroom!

full length front-lit mirror


Make up mirror for Bedroom

Lighted mirrors provide a romantic ambiance for the bedroom.

They have different modes of lighting, and when you want to create romance for your lover, it's much easier to use this kind of lighting than lighting candles!

Many girls like to do their makeup in the bedroom, and this is when the lighted mirror is a great makeup mirror.

There is no need to place a separate small makeup mirror and save your desk space.


backlit mirror in bedroom


What other people frequently ask

1.Do backlit mirrors provide enough light?

Nope, but...

Almost all mirrors with lights are set to a maximum brightness of 6000K, whether they are backlit mirrors or front-lit mirrors. However, the backlit mirror will lose some brightness because of the blockage of the mirror edge.

In contrast, it is the front-lit mirror that will be brighter.

I'm not going to say how perfect our company's backlit mirror is or do too much tinkering.

It is indeed not bright enough compared to the front-lit mirror.

However, there are some hostesses who don't want to do their makeup in the bathroom. If you are only using this backlit bathroom mirror to help do daily face cleaning or to provide light for the man of the house to shave, then it is still your best choice.




There are also backlit mirrors that are designed to have no reflective coating on the edge of the mirror. This part of the mirror glass is frosted, allowing light from behind the mirror to pass through the front, providing more illumination for objects near the mirror. There would be no difference in the brightness of this backlit mirror and the front-lit mirror. If you fancy this design, you can buy with confidence.

round backlit mirror with frosted edge

round backlit mirror with frosted edge

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2.Are LED backlit mirror good for makeup?

Yes. The backlit mirror provides sufficient uniform illumination for cosmetic operations, illuminating the face with diffused light.

As we mentioned, you can choose backlit mirrors with transmissible edges to serve as makeup mirrors, which can provide you with plenty of light.


3.What type of lighting is best for putting on makeup?

The ideal color for making up is a soft white light just at the start of turning cool. This natural daylight will give you that perfect base without being too harsh on your skin tone or makeup!

A bulb matching this hue has been shown to be both energy efficient as well as good quality, so it's definitely worth considering if we're talking about investing in a small item like a backlit mirror.


Backlit VS. Frontlit Mirror --- Explanation of physical objects




The above is the most complete backlit mirrors and front-lit mirrors comparison instructions ever; it is absolutely enough for you to read only this article.

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