Quick Guide to Buy a Bathroom Mirror with Backlighting

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MIRPLUS round backlit led mirror with frosted glass edge


You may want to change something in this mediocre life. It's hard to make big changes, but we can start small, like replacing your old bathroom mirror. I believe that avant-garde bathroom mirror with backlighting can make your life more vivid.

If you are looking for a suitable bathroom mirror with backlighting for you, I hope this article can help you.


It will contain these following topics:




To make it easier for you to find the backlit mirror of your choice, in the following you will see more than ten recommended products related to the content of the article.  



Ways to Light up Your Bathroom

Bathroom lighting can first be divided by level into ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient light is a spotlight mounted on the ceiling that provides general background lighting. It also means providing even ambient light.


bathroom ceiling lighting

Ambient light (via argos)


The next is the task light that takes into account what you are trying to do and the light that is laid out in the area where it is located. For example, set the light around the bathroom mirror, the shower, the bathtub side, and other areas.


bathroom lighting

bathroom task light


Lastly is the accent light, which is used to highlight your decor, add rhythm to the bathroom and highlight the taste of the owner.


  bathroom accent light (via splash-of-light)


Now we will focus on the task light around the bathroom mirror. You use the bathroom mirror for tasks such as putting on makeup, shaving, doing your hair, doing facial cleansing, observing the state of your face, viewing your upper body attire, etc.

Therefore, the light near the bathroom mirror is required to be EVENLY lit on your face. And it is required that it should not be harsh on the eyes and not damage your vision or skin.

A higher level is to do different tasks require different light brightness and color. That is, the requirement for adjustable brightness and color temperature.

 wall lamp

 When you use this task light to look in the mirror,
you will see shadows on your face.


Here's the deal

Many people who already have a regular mirror installed seek external assistance. For example, install a wall light directly above the mirror or install a night light above the sink and below the mirror.

This type of lighting is not uniform and shadows will appear when you look into the mirror. So the bathroom mirror near the wall lamp is more for decorative purposes. The functionality is still to be handed over to the bathroom mirror with lighting.

If you install a bathroom mirror with backlighting, then a circle of light behind the mirror will be very evenly emitted, shining on your face, there will be no shadow part. Especially, if you choose a round bathroom mirror with backlighting.


mirplus product round bathroom mirror with backlighting
24 inches in diameter



What's the Bathroom Mirror with Backlighting?

Backlit mirrors with light strips installed and hidden behind the mirror, normally do not add an outer frame to block the light strip.

Some mirrors have a special pattern carved into the edge of the surface so that the light shines through the pattern on the glass. A beautiful finish. It serves as a decorative effect and makes your bathroom unique.


mirplus shell patern backlit bathroom mirror

mirplus shell patern backlit bathroom mirror



Bathroom mirror with backlighting is the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom. They provide uniform lighting that makes it easy to see your reflection, and they can make your bathroom feel more spa-like.

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank, backlit mirror is a great option.


TETOTE 24x32 LED Oval bathroom Mirror with backlighting

TETOTE 24x32 LED Oval Bathroom Mirror with Backlighting 



Why Choose a Bathroom Mirror with Backlighting?



The appearance of the bathroom mirror with backlighting gives the impression of floating on the wall due to the specificity of the location of the glow. The light behind these mirrors perfectly outlines their silhouette.

This sense of ambiance is something that other mirrors and wall sconces cannot provide. Many decorations in the living room also use this form of backlighting to beautify the environment.


Teardrop  LED  Backlit mirror
size: from 40''x 60''  to 70''x 90''

If your bathroom is small or low in height, installing wall sconces or chandeliers is not a good choice, which can make your bathroom appear more depressing. This time, a bathroom mirror with backlighting is perfect, which will make your bathroom look neat and orderly, clean and tidy.


LED light

LED backlit mirrors provide softer and more energy-efficient light than incandescent lamps, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the bathroom. At the same time, it can provide different needs.

As also mentioned above, because of the special nature of the backlight, the light will shine the face evenly and will not cast shadows.

It makes the light spotless when you are putting on makeup or shaving. It is the ideal lighting source.


What’s more:


Normally, this smart mirror also has dimmable function; you can adjust at least three color temperature and a variety of brightness. Meet your various needs.

I have detailed the lighting of the bathroom mirror in the previous article, if you are interested you can check it out

What are the Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting for American Home



Generally, backlit mirrors are simple wall-mounted. It can be easily hung over your sink using only a few screws. However, large bathroom mirrors still require professional installation.



Smart bathroom mirror can contain so many functions. Among the more commonly used are dimming, defogging, display time and weather, explosion-proof, touch sensor, motion sensor, and so on.

More advanced are Bluetooth function, built-in TV screen, voice prompts, etc.


some functions of the smart bathroom mirror
  led mirror with weather display & bluetooth speaker


You can also install an independent night light under the mirror with motion sensor control. Turn on the night light when you go to the bathroom at night, without having to turn on the harsh lights on the ceiling.

So it will be easier for you to fall asleep when you go back to the bedroom.



How do I Choose a Backlit Mirror?


Then, I will analyze each step to consider when buying a backlit mirror.


First of all, the size:

When choosing the size of the mirror, be sure to take into account the overall proportions of the room.

Some people will say that you can choose a bigger mirror for a small bathroom, which will make your bathroom look bigger.

However, we need to take into account the actual proportions, it is not the larger the better.

Choosing a delicate round or oval bathroom mirror for a small room will make your bathroom look more exquisite and charming. We should focus more on function rather than size. A mirror that can meet your needs is enough. Sometimes a bigger mirror doesn't bring more benefits.


mirplus oval bathroom mirror with backlighting
20''x 28'' Oval LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror



mirplus 24 inch round backlit bathroom mirror
24'' Round LED Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Well, if you have a large bathroom, then you can't choose a small mirror, it will look cramped. If you really like small round mirrors, then I suggest you set double sinks with double mirrors placed on top.


double round backlit bathroom mirrors on the vanity
Double 24 inch Round Backlit Bathroom Mirrors on the Vanity 


The advantage of installing a large mirror in a large bathroom is that it makes your space look more luxurious, and you can also turn around at any time to be able to look into the mirror.

 AWANDEE large led bathroom mirror

size: 84''x 32''


Secondly, choose the shape of the bathroom mirror with backlighting.

The most common shapes are rectangular, round and oval. You can also choose from a variety of abnormally shaped mirrors to show off your style.

I have detailed the different shapes of bathroom mirrors in this article, so check it out if you are interested.

Bathroom Mirror Shape designs in 2022



Then we have to consider whether it comes with a frame or not.

Frameless bathroom mirrors are the style of all the pictures you see above; those are frameless bathroom mirrors with backlighting. Bathroom mirrors with frames can be a little more troublesome to maintain. After a long time, these frames may change, such as fading, getting old, corrosion, insect infestation and other problems.

So to avoid trouble, you can just quickly choose frameless bathroom mirrors.


mirplus rectangular frameless bathroom mirror with backlighting
24x 32 inch rectangular backlit bathroom mirror

But you can also choose these mirrors with frames if you really like the frame of a certain material, and this frame also fits well with your overall room decoration.

For example, many families in America prefer wooden frames that can show off the original natural style.

I have also comprehensively summarized the types of bathroom mirror frames in my previous article.

Frames are available in wood, aluminum, stainless steel, copper or bronze, plastic, acrylic, glass, diy, and more.


Choose the style you like!



Finally, storage space

If you need additional storage space, then you can choose a waterproof medicine cabinet with lights.


medicine cabinet with led mirror
24x 36 inch medicine cabinet with led mirror



You May Want to Know the Twins of the Backlighting Mirror --- Lighted Bathroom Mirror

what is the difference between the backlit mirror and lighted mirror?
Take a look at the picture of lighted mirror below and you will know.


oval lighted mirror
24x 32 inch Oval Lighted Mirror with anti-fog

Lighted mirrors are internally illuminated mirrors, where the light source is hidden inside the edge of the mirror. The light source is usually covered by a layer of frosted glass, so that the light-emitting part looks softer and not harsh.


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