Rectangular Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Create your luxurious bathroom space with a rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror

With its slim body and modern frameless design, Mirplus' practical rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror is available exclusively for those of you who prefer a simple style. The rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror also has a soft LED glow, and each rectangular mirror can be adjusted for light brightness.

The LED light is very environmentally friendly and energy efficient and can also be used as a night light when you go to the bathroom at night. It emits a very soft glow that is not dazzling or uncomfortable. Choose from Mirplus' store of rectangular illuminated bathroom mirrors that are sure to please.

In addition to rectangles, we have a variety of shapes to choose from. Consider our oval or round LED bathroom mirrors.

Our rectangular illuminated bathroom mirrors are also available in backlit and front-lit versions. Backlit rectangular bathroom mirrors give you a floating, romantic feel. The front-lit rectangular bathroom mirror provides you with brighter and clearer lighting.

Mirplus' rectangular illuminated bathroom mirrors are equipped with an anti-fog feature, making them ideal for use in wet bathrooms.

What's more. They are made without copper, the most advanced mirror technology available, and are more durable, clearer, and more resistant to moisture and corrosion than ordinary silver mirrors.

One thing that is more recommended than other brands of mirrors is that Mirplus' rectangular illuminated bathroom mirrors use explosion-proof glass instead of regular fragile glass. This indicates that if the mirror is accidentally shattered, its glass will not splash out and cause more serious damage.


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How do you choose the right rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror for your needs?

When it comes to buying a rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror, one of the most important decisions you'll make is determining the size and height of the mirror.

A smaller rectangular mirror may be less expensive, but it may not provide enough space to view yourself fully while getting ready.

A rectangular mirror that's too high or large may dwarf the bathroom vanity and feel overwhelming.

So, what's the perfect size and height for your new rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror? Read on to find out!


Designer Tips for choosing the size of mirrors:

  • Start by choosing your vanity. It's much easier to find a mirror that matches your vanity than it is to find a vanity that matches it.
  • The most important rule is that the width of the mirror should not exceed the width of the vanity. It is best to be a few inches narrower than the vanity.


Here are some tips that can help you decide how high you should place your mirror.

  • Consider the height of the user: The height of the mirror should ideally be at eye level with the user.
  • Mount the mirror 5 to 10 inches above the sink.
  • If your mirror does not come with its own light, then place the mirror in the center between the sink and the vanity lighting. Minimize shadow casting and get good lighting. If your mirror comes with lighting, then you can disregard the location of the ceiling light.
  • Standard vanity mirrors are typically 28-34 inches high.


Let’s go further,


  • If you want to elongate your space, for example, if you have a high ceiling, you can choose a large vertical rectangular-shaped illuminated bathroom mirror to make your space look more grand and noble.
  • If you want to emphasize the width of your room or create the illusion of spaciousness in a small bathroom, then you can choose a wide rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror with a horizontal orientation.
  • If you have two side-by-side sinks, you can choose one large horizontal mirror or two small mirrors. If you only have one sink, then I would not recommend you install two mirrors.


What should you consider when purchasing a rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror?

  1. 📌Distinguish between backlighting and internal illumination

A backlit rectangular mirror is to install the light source at the back edge of the mirror.

Light strips of the Internal luminous rectangular mirror are set in a few centimeters from the edge of the mirror.

The front-lit mirror is brighter, which projects light directly on your face, more conducive to makeup or facial cleaning.

But this is relatively a bit harsh (can be adjusted). The backlit mirror is suitable for those who prefer soft light.

Buy according to your needs.

  1. 📌Pay attention to the waterproof performance

A good waterproof rectangular illuminated bathroom mirror will be coated with a special waterproof coating on the back. All Mirplus bathroom mirrors are waterproof and have a sealed electrical box on the back to cover all electrical components.

  1. 📌The anti-fog feature is a must

In modern homes, an anti-fog feature is a must-have option for almost every home bathroom.

  1. 📌Load-bearing is important

The weight of the bathroom mirror is not light, and it is hung on the wall, so there are requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the wall. Be careful to check the weight of the product and installation instructions. Make sure your wall can be screwed before you buy. Don't trust the stick-on mirror products easily.