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When you walk into a bathroom store or shop online for the mirror you desire, are you only concerned with the design and price? And maybe the function.

But very few people pay attention to the quality of its coating. Coating quality is one of the most important keys for mirrors; it directly determines the aging time of the mirror surface!

The poor edge of the mirror will last for at least ten years. however, if you pick a mirror with a poor quality coating, then your mirror surface (especially from the edge), will have black spots and mold in 1 to 2 years. This is such a frustrating thing!

Here's what a good mirror coating looks like and how to tell the difference. Read on.


What is a Copper Free Mirror?

5 layers copper free mirror benefits

Copper-free mirrors are the newest mirrors on the market. Copper-free mirrors are made by a chemical deposition process. A layer of specially treated silver is applied to high quality float glass. Then a special metallic film of low or no lead and no copper is applied in place of the copper, and then two layers of paint complete the chemical and physical protection. These paints protect the back side from corrosion spots and scratches, similar to glass coatings. The absence of copper and lead makes copper-free mirrors very environmentally friendly.


Copper Free Mirror Benefits

The biggest benefit of copper-free mirrors is the reduction of corrosion

Corrosion in mirrors usually appears in the form of small black dots that spread from the corner edges of the mirror, like an infection. Rusting appears below the surface of the coating. Once they appear, there is no way to recover.

The biggest benefit of copper-free mirrors is the reduction of corrosion


Copper-free mirrors are very friendly to the environment

Traditional mirrors contain copper sulfate, a harsh chemical that can be dispersed into the environment and seriously pollute oceans and freshwater rivers during the manufacturing process. It's everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. In the U.S., legislation is expected to be issued in 2025 to require that all automotive brakes contain no more than 0.5 percent copper. More and more governments are recognizing the environmental hazards caused by copper compounds and are instituting a range of measures.

What's more, copper-free mirrors are easier to recycle, and they reduce the need for short-term products, thus reducing ongoing pollution. So copper-free products are the big trend.

Copper-free mirrors are very friendly to the environment


Which Companies Offer Copper Free Mirrors and What are the Prices Like?

So what's the best way to quickly distinguish between a copper-free mirror or a regular silver mirror at the mall?

The answer is: you don't have any way to quickly tell the difference with the naked eye.

You can look at the back of the mirror, and sometimes this will be printed on the back of the mirror. This will basically not be a fake.

In addition, the best way to ensure that a mirror is copper-free is to ask a trusted product manufacturer or distributor directly, and this time look at it in conjunction with the price.

Since copper-free mirrors are more expensive to manufacture, it will also come with a premium feature or outer frame. So you should never buy a mirror without copper for the price of a regular silver mirror. So beware of their price trap.


Mirplus is a trusted source manufacturer.

All of their mirrors for sale are copper-free to ensure that these mirrors meet the expectations of modern customers as well as meet environmental requirements.

Mirplus' mirrors include an additional antioxidant layer in addition to the copper-free process, as well as additional waterproof silicone strips and waterproof electrical boxes to further protect the mirrors from corrosive chemicals, moisture and water.

The copper-free mirrors are manufactured at a higher cost than regular mirrors and use a higher quality and higher definition glass material in addition to an advanced plating process, making them an overall better product than aluminum and silver mirrors.


How Do You Care for a Copper Free Mirror so that it Lasts for Many Years

You can use any glass cleaner available in the market to clean it, or you can also use your own kitchen mixes, like baking soda and white vinegar.

I have detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain your led mirrors in the recent article. Please click to read it.

There is one rule to keep in mind.

Don't pour cleaners directly on the mirror; spray them on a cloth and then go ahead and wipe the mirror.


How to Install a Copper Free Mirror

A professional will often ensure more security without having to waste their time or even cause  a breakage. A broken mirror can bring one's mood to the extreme.

But copper-free mirrors without light are very easy to install and can be done completely by yourself with a little care.

If you also have some electrical knowledge, then you can also be competent in the installation of copper-free LED mirrors.

Please check our detailed installation tutorial at:

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Showcasing the Advanced Copper Free Mirror in Mirplus


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