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People have different decorating styles, and over the years, my taste in home decoration has changed a lot. I used to love sleek and modern designs, but now I prefer something a bit more classic and traditional. That's why I'm excited about oval mirror dressers – they have a timeless look that never goes out of style. If you're thinking of buying one for your home, here are some tips to help you choose the right one.


Why Oval Mirror Dressers are a Popular Choice among Homeowners?

Oval mirror dressers are still common in the furniture market and are seen by hostesses as the most important part of their shopping list.

If you've ever seen an antique oval mirror dresser, you may be drawn to the dated wood style, the old-fashioned knobs, or the ornate molding and decorative details. This is characteristic of all old furniture and simply reflects an old-school style rather than the concept of the furniture itself. Of course, if you like this style, add it to your home and enjoy it!

Modern-looking furniture is sleek and simple. If you follow common retailers and furniture manufacturers, you'll find dressers with mirrors in this avant-garde style. They blend the classic practical concepts of dressers and mirrors (especially oval mirror dressers) and design them with the latest elements.

Most bedrooms do not have a lot of furniture. Bedrooms are usually small and don't need much beyond the essentials such as a bed, dresser and nightstand. This means that these few pieces of furniture are particularly important in bringing out the style inside your bedroom. And the dresser is the most decorative and personalized item inside all bedrooms. Therefore, it plays a particularly important role in defining the style of your space. 


Benefits of Choosing an Oval Dresser:

An Oval Mirror Dresser is Both Practical and Convenient. 

A dresser mirror is a perfect place to check your attire before you head out the door or to choose your final jewelry. 

Many people use their dresser cabinets or counter-tops to store jewelry boxes, watches or small trays that can hold rings or necklaces. If there is an oval mirror there to see how your accessories look with your outfit, it's a much better aspect than walking across the room or down the hall to see how it looks. 


An Oval Mirror Dresser Makes Setting up the Room Easier. 

A large dresser leaning against a blank wall looks both awkward and unbalanced.

Above the dresser, some kind of decoration is needed to balance the arrangement. If your dresser comes with an additional oval mirror, you can increase the height of the furniture appropriately, usually taking up enough wall space to stand on its own.

This will balance out the height of other furniture (such as beds and closets). This sounds like a pretty simple solution, right?

So if your home dresser is without an attached mirror, it doesn't matter. An additional oval-shaped freestanding mirror can be purchased.


Have a Variety of Functional Options

Another advantage of the optional mirror is that you can have a variety of functional options. For example, adjustable brightness, adjustable color temperature, Bluetooth function, etc. And this is almost impossible to achieve in the complete oval mirror dresser products.

Because many oval mirror dressers are now traditional style, the mirror is not a smart mirror. The cost of a dresser that is integrated with a smart mirror is much more expensive than buying it separately.

But buying an oval mirror dresser in one is much more convenient and less hassle, without spending additional time to match it.

It's up to you.


A One-piece Oval Mirror Dresser Helps Coordinate the Style of all the Furniture in the Room.

Some people like to have a consistent, matching style between the main components of a room.

A dresser with an oval mirror achieves this perfectly because the dresser and mirror are made of the same style and the same materials.


Remember, when decorating your home and choosing any furniture, your home reflects you and your preferences, not anyone else's. Don't focus too much on trends going in and out; instead ask yourself what you like.


How to Style an Oval Mirror Dressers

Add Height with a Vase or Lamp

To keep a short dresser in balance, it helps to use something taller such as a vase or lamp. You can mount a decorative lamp on top of an oval mirror to add both light and beauty.

Place the vase in front of the oval mirror, which also reflects the vase and the flowers, complementing each other.


Fill the Horizontal Space

Adding taller sections provides vertical balance. So, to do the same thing with horizontal space, consider using different-sized boxes or books to help fill in the horizontal space. This helps shape the dresser because it establishes a cohesive look with the taller vertical sections.

If you already have boxes, stacking two or three different-sized boxes (or extra small drawers) can work well. Trays also work well to fill horizontal space and can also add more storage spots to your dresser.


Adding Plants

This strategy works anywhere in homes, but it's really perfect for dressers. By placing real branches in a vase with water in it, these green leaves will last for weeks. Changing the water and replacing the branches is very easy and not time-consuming.

You can also make some changes. Use different sizes, densities, and heights of branches to balance the decor. Changing the height of the greens helps keep the balance and gives you a very stylish look.


A Few Shopping Suggestions for Finding Your Own Oval Mirror Dresser

Dressers with mirrors are often confused for vanities, but they're actually not the same things. While both have a mirror on them (though dresser ones tend to be deeper), one is more like an office desk while another may function as your vanity chest of drawers!


Consider the Space

Most dressers may be wide and low, but they don't all have the same dimensions. When you buy a new oval mirror dresser, consider how large your dresser location is and how much clothing, makeup, or clutter you will need to put in this piece of furniture. 

Also, consider whether you will be using it as an everyday writing desk. If you need to put your laptop at work on the dresser, then you'll have to prep enough space.

Small dressers usually have three to six drawers that fit perfectly into a smaller space. Large dressers may have as many as ten drawers, perfect for when you're looking for a practical way to fill a large room.

Consider the Style

Now that you've considered practical details like size, you can next set your sights on the design of your dresser. No matter what the theme and overall color scheme of your home are, you'll be able to find a dresser that matches it. After all, dressers come in all shades, from white, beige, or gray to cherry wood or black.


Consider the Accessories

After you find a dresser in your favorite primary color, look for its unique details. Dresser details range from modern metal knobs to hand-carved wooden knobs, so make your choice based on the style of your home. 


Consider the Mirrors

A dresser with an oval mirror is suitable for both vintage and modern styles. Oval mirrors, like round mirrors, do not have angles and therefore give a softer look. And oval mirrors extend properly in the vertical direction compared to round mirrors, so you can see more of your body parts.

Also, the oval mirror designed on the dressing table is usually with a frame. In Feng Shui, the bedroom is ideal for placing framed oval mirrors inside, with the intention of avoiding sharp edges and family harmony.



That’s all for today’s blog post. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions about oval mirror dressers or would like me to do a more in-depth review of a specific product, please let me know in the comment section below. I always enjoy hearing from my readers and getting feedback.

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