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In 2022, the oval mirror design will be back in style!

This classic design has been updated with a modern twist that will make any home look chic and elegant. Whether you choose to install an oval mirror in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, this timeless piece is sure to impress guests and add value to your property. So don't wait – choose your oval mirror design today and be ready for the next big interior design trend!

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A Brief History of the Oval Mirror

Mirrors have been around for almost as long as human history.

The word mirror derives from the French “mirour,” from the Latin “mirari”—to admire.

The mirror has been one of the most consistent civilizers for humans, bringing a sense personal reflection and comparative identity.

Nearly a thousand years ago, mirrors were nothing more than polished metal discs. The cost of mirrors was so high that only royalty could afford them. The lower and middle classes had to use public ponds to view their reflections, and in densely populated areas, this required long lines!

Rococo style antique oval mirror design
Rococo style antique oval mirror design
(Image credit: westlandlondon)


The full-length mirror is only about 400 years old and was once only available to the nobility.

Throughout history, humans began designing more complex mirrors in materials such as silver, lead, gold, copper, and bronze. Since these natural materials were very heavy, mirrors were very small, rarely exceeding eight inches in diameter.

In the Middle Ages, contemporary mirrors became popular, but the process of making them was still quite expensive and extremely difficult.

Around the 1660s, mathematicians began using mirrors in telescopes.


Running far away, let's go back to the present.


Modern mirrors are made using a silver plating process. The back of the glass is coated with a thin layer of aluminum or silver, which provides an instantly reflective surface.

Today, mirrors are common and inexpensive and can be found in all homes, especially in bathrooms.

The oval mirror is the oldest style that has survived to this day. Among the various shapes of modern mirrors, the oval mirror design is still very popular and is highly sought after by designers.

The United States is a large consumer of mirrors. One study shows that the average American home has at least four mirrors in it.


How Oval Mirrors are Made Today

Just how did the mirror get its shiny surface?

Well, in 1835 Justus von Leibig invented a process for silver or aluminum spraying onto glass backs.
Modern day mirrors are made by this same technique- only now we use it for things other than astronomy!


(Image credit: madehow)

The initial step in mirror manufacture involves cutting and shaping the glass blanks. Cutting is usually done with a saw with diamond dust embedded in the tips.

Next, the blanks are put in optical grinding machines, which use abrasive liquid plus a grinding plate to produce a very even, smooth finish on the blanks.

The reflective material is then applied in an evaporator, which heats the metal coating until it evaporates onto the surface of the blanks.

Read more via madehow.com 



Most modern smart mirrors use 5-layer cooper free mirror glass technology.

  1. Mirror layer: optional ordinary environmental mirror or super white floating mirror.
  2. Palladium layer: increase the adhesion between silver layer and glass, improve the anti-oxidation effect of reflective layer.
  3. Mirror reflection layer: the reflectivity of the object is more than 95%
  4. Special paint for mirror production efficient protection for the mirror reflection layer
  5. Resin or special paint for mirror production: the anti-oxidation property of the silver layer can be effectively increased by superimposing protection on the reflective layer. Extend the service life of products.

All mirplus products use this technology!

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    Different Ways of Oval Mirror Design in Your Decorating Scheme

    When it comes to interior design, there are many ways to add personality and character to a space. One way that is often overlooked is the design of oval mirrors. Oval mirrors come in all frames and sizes, and can be used in a variety of unique ways to enhance your decorating scheme. Here are just a few ideas to get you started!


    Oval Mirror Design Scheme 1 : An Area that Captures Natural Light

    Compared to round mirrors, oval mirrors are extended to reflect more light. Compared to square mirrors, oval mirrors are more rounded and harmonious.

    Mirrors should be placed in an area that allows them to reflect natural light. So that they capture as much of this free shine and provide brightness to illuminate your room while you makeup! The ideal place would be opposite the bathroom window, to catch some light during daytime hours - which makes a small space look larger, plus brighter too.


    Oval Mirror Design Scheme 2 : An Area that is Movable and Useful

    Make sure that the place where you place the oval mirror has room to move around. If you decide to place the oval mirror on a shelf or mount it on the wall, it should be at a reasonable height so that the center of the oval mirror is at eye level. The height of the mirror is quite crucial.


    Oval Mirror Design Scheme 3 : According to Feng Shui, What Should I Consider When Choosing the Position?

    The placement of mirrors is also very learned, according to Feng Shui, how should the mirrors in your home be placed? The following is the answer to your question.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 1: Oval mirror symbolizes perfect and harmonious.

    You'd best choose this type of mirror to place in your bedroom or above the hostess dressing table.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 2: the mirror should not be placed directly against the window.

    To avoid the reflection of bad things outside the window, then caused by fright, generate anxiety.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 3: Do not place the oval mirror against the toilet.

    It's the same reason as the previous tip. The toilet is the most filthy place in the house. If placed against the toilet, it will lead to the emission of these dirty Qi into the whole house, thus interfering with the house's atmosphere.

    Besides, the toilet in the bathroom represents personal privacy. If the mirror is placed against the toilet, it will make people feel insecure and their privacy will be exposed.

    If a person is in this state for a long time, it will produce greater psychological pressure, which will affect your health over time.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 4: Avoid placing in places where people are easily frightened.

    Mirrors can reflect the energy of people and objects. So avoid placing them in the most vulnerable or unconscious places.


    Let's make it easy.


    Don't put it where you first see it when you wake up, because this time your Yang energy is the weakest and you are easily frightened. Or put it directly across from the door. Every time you enter the door, you are easily frightened. In this way, people are prone to mental tension in the long run.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 5: Do not place the mirror against the front door of the house.

    Mirror has a reflection function, placed against the door will be easy to reflect the fortune out, resulting in poor fortune at home.


    Oval mirror design according to Feng Shui RULE 6: Also need to pay attention to: once the mirror is broken, it should be replaced in time to avoid bringing bad luck to your home.


    The above gives you a summary of some points about oval mirror design. You can refer to the above method when choosing the location of the oval mirror placement.


    The Future of Oval Mirrors - What Will They Look Like and How Will They Be Used?

    As glassmaking techniques improve, mirrors find a more elaborate place in art and architecture. Stronger, lighter glasses are more attractive to designers.

    Some one-way mirror manufacturing techniques allow windows to be manufactured that are mirrored on the outside. This creates a distinctive appearance on a building and also makes the building's air conditioning system more efficient by deflecting heat during the summer. This type of mirror is now commonly seen on office buildings.

    Mirrors will also continue to be used in sophisticated optical applications, from microscopes and telescopes to laser-based reading systems such as compact disc players and bar code scanners.

    Read more via madehow.com 


    Let’s go further,


    Mirrors not only bring utility and beauty to living spaces; they also provide an artistic medium for expressing thoughts and feelings.

    In modern times, we are observed all the time - from smartphone selfies to the reflective surfaces around us that make us invisible - so from a self-existence to a reflection, we are constantly searching for a meaningful identity.

    So, what do we - you and I - feel and think when we gaze into the mirror?



    That’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed this blog post on Oval Mirror Design in 2022. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts like this one, and don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions!

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