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Design cannot be separated from the concept of "people", and only design that makes users feel comfortable and meets their daily needs is good design.

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What is a Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom?

Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom is a type of cabinet that is specifically designed to be used in small bathrooms.

As the name suggests, this cabinet comes with a mirror, which can be used for shaving or applying makeup. The cabinet itself is usually wall-mounted, making it ideal for small bathrooms where space is limited.

In addition to providing extra storage space, Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom can also help to make a small bathroom appear larger and more open.

medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom light surrounded

medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom

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When choosing a medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom, be sure to select one that matches the style of your bathroom.

Medicine cabinets are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, so you should have no trouble finding one that compliments your existing décor.


Pros and Cons of Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom

Pros of the Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom

Design cannot be separated from the concept of "people", and only design that makes users feel comfortable and meets their daily needs is good design.

Mirplus follows a human-centered philosophy and insists on updating articles day after day, in the hope that you can get a little inspiration from my articles or get inspired by them for your home decoration!

Still using a traditional mirror in your small bathroom? It's time to look at the many benefits of medicine cabinets with mirror to make your small space both functional and practical.


From a design and aesthetic point of view

The smaller your bathroom, the more logical the design of the mirrored cabinet will seem.

The presence of a medicine cabinet with mirror can make the whole small space look more balanced.


If your home has a large space in the bathroom, if you install a relatively limited size of the medicine cabinet with mirror, it will look out of place.

This time, your large bathroom walls need a spacious mirror to set off.

Be aware that the size of the medicine cabinet with mirror is very limited; it can not be made very large.

This is because there is a limit to the weight and width of the cabinet doors. Once the width of the mirror cabinet reaches 24 inches or more, it should be designed as a double-door style to relieve the pressure on the hinges and to prolong the service life, as well as for easy opening of the doors.

If you need a larger mirror surface, then you need to set more cabinet doors. This time the whole mirror appears to be separated, making this space less neat and gracious.

So medicine cabinets with mirror, more suitable for small bathroom.


From the storage point of view

It can make the vanity neat and clean.

Is your vanity too cluttered and you want to replace it with a proper medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom?

That's right! Bathroom medicine cabinet is thus born.

Applying a mirror to the surface of the cabinet is a great experiment. You can also use the adjustable dividers to sort your daily medications, skin care products, and toiletries in a logical way.


There's a lot to be said for sorting, too! In the event of a child's injury, it's crucial to scramble to find the right medications and tools.

Click here to read → How to organize my medicine cabinet

For super practical advice.


Once you install a medicine cabinet with mirror you can make proper use of the empty space above the sink. In case your bottles and jars are occasionally untidy, it doesn't hurt. Just close the cabinet door and everything is clean and neat.


all medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom in mirplus

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Easy to place and pick

Many homes have under-sink cabinets installed to hide pipes and add storage. But many people are still hesitating whether it is necessary to add another medicine cabinet above the sink.


Today I tell you: it is very necessary!


Because the bathroom medicine cabinet has a certain height, it is very convenient to pick up things. If you only have a sink cabinet, then you have to bend down every time you want to access things. And the insufficient lighting makes it difficult to see what's inside.


Cons of the Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom

While medicine cabinets with mirror bring us a lot of convenience, there are also some minor annoyances that we need to accept.


Let's take a look.


Closed medicine cabinets cause odor

Because the bathroom will be very wet, and the medicine cabinet is in a long-term closed state, the air inside does not circulate; it is easy to produce odors. What's more, the items placed in the medicine cabinet will also have some odor.


Cleaning trouble

The top of the medicine cabinet is high, so it is more difficult to wipe the highest place when cleaning. And the medicine cabinet above and the corner is very easy to accumulate dust, cleaning is not easy.


Opening and closing the medicine cabinet door is troublesome

If the items are placed in the medicine cabinet, then we need to open the cabinet door every time we use it. Some people find it very troublesome to repeatedly open and close the door every time.


Given these troubles, how can we try to avoid them?


Please read on.


What Makes a Good Medicine Cabinet for Small Bathroom?

Closed + Open pairing

This perfectly solves the risk of odor and the trouble of opening and closing repeatedly.


For a holistic effect, it is good to design a fully enclosed medicine cabinet.

If you already have a commonly used shelf, or if you feel that the sink can be positioned for some very commonly used tools such as toothbrush and toothpaste, then I highly recommend this fully enclosed medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom.

medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom light on bath sides

medicine cabinet with mirror for small bathroom

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It is well closed, looks great and is very convenient for storing medicines and spare hygiene products.


But if you can't stand to have anything stacked on the sink and also don't want to always open and close the cabinet door repeatedly. Then you can choose this closed + open combination.

The open shelf can be convenient for you to place common and wet items, and the closed medicine cabinet with mirror provides space for you to store medicine and spare tools.

medicine cabient with mirror for small bathroom with shelf on the side

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As long as you don't put wet items inside the cabinet, then the medicine cabinet will not produce odors naturally.

In order to avoid odors, you can also place air purification boxes or moisture removal pills inside the cabinet.


Suitable cabinet depth

Medicine cabinets with mirror for small bathroom can not be made too deep, generally controlled at about 5 inches.

Basically, it is almost enough to put down a cup. If the design is too deep, it will make the interior look messy. Let you waste a lot of time every time you look for something.

A thin medicine cabinet will be much easier to use; and for hanging cabinets, a thin one is also more secure.


Lighting needs

Many people do not notice that medicine cabinets with mirror also need lighting.

Lighting inside the medicine cabinet is not a priority and this design is optional. It is designed to prevent elderly people from not being able to see the details of their medications.

Generally speaking, as long as the mirror cabinet is well designed and just the right depth, you can find what you want when you open it.


So the lighting I'm talking about is LED lighting on the surface of the mirror.

Lighting area is divided into three kinds.

  1. The light source is installed on the top edge of the mirror.
  2. The light source is installed on the left and right edges of the mirror surface.
  3. Light source is installed on the edge of the mirror surface around.


All of the above is to make you feel better when you use the mirror. The third kind of light uniformity is the best; the other two gradually decreasing. You can meet your own needs.


Another lighting method is to install a small night light that is convenient for you to go to the toilet at night.

We can install a small LED night light underneath the medicine cabinet with mirror, and the soft light is more comfortable to use. When you go to the toilet, you won't have to turn on the main light source in the bathroom area because this main light is too harsh for falling back to sleep.

The protruding part of the medicine cabinet also hides this little secret very well, so this extra design part is not visible during the daytime.


What Size of Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Small Bathroom Should I Choose?

Generally speaking the width of the finished medicine cabinet (with mirror) ranges from 15 inches to 40 inches. Generally there are these options: 16", 20", 22”, 24", 34", 40" in fixed size. The height is 20 to 30 inches.

Finished medicine cabinets with mirror do not exactly fit the size of your bathroom specifically set aside for mirrors, and sometimes there may be some gaps left.

If you want to make full use of the space, then you have to choose the more expensive custom-made models of mirror cabinets. Of course you can also DIY yourself.


The depth of the medicine cabinet with mirror is generally chosen 5 inches. Too shallow or too deep are not good for use.


The width of the medicine cabinet can not be wider than your vanity cabinet, otherwise it will appear that the entire bathroom space is incoordinated. Choose the medicine cabinet a few inches narrower than the vanity cabinet according to your actual needs.


So, how high should the medicine cabinet be chosen? How high should it be above the washbasin?

It depends on your height. The middle of the mirror is about the height of your eyes, so start by setting a height at the midpoint of the medicine cabinet. If you find that the cabinet is too high and blocking the use of the tap, then choose a shorter medicine cabinet, such as a 24-inch high.

Of course, you have to consider the height of most people in your family to determine.

 via Latitude Run


If you want an open + closed style, and convenient for children, the elderly, women to use the mirror, then choose the medicine cabinet with shelves on the side.


If your family is generally very tall, then I suggest that you can choose the mirror cabinet with shelves below. This makes the mirror cabinet wider and the mirror wider, making the whole bathroom appear larger.

Open shelves can also add to the cleaning trouble and require frequent dust cleaning. Many people are too lazy to do so, so they will choose a fully enclosed medicine cabinet with mirror for their small bathroom.

It’s up to you.



After reading these details, can you choose the perfect medicine cabinet with mirror for your small bathroom?

What other bathroom decorating tips would you like to know?

Tell me in the comments section.

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