What are the Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting for Homes in America

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The bathroom is usually dimly lit; no matter how the color position of the bathroom was laid out, there is not enough light to use the mirror. So the LED smart bathroom mirror is the perfect solution to this drawback. It not only comes with an LED light-emitting function but also can be dimmed.


Do you want to know: what are the types of bathroom mirror lighting for American homes?

Depending on the location of the light, bathroom LED mirrors can be broadly divided into internal light-emitting and external light-emitting.


Refer to figure1 -2

internal light bathroom mirror external light bathroom mirror
1. internal light-emitting (lighted mirror) 2. external light-emiting (backlit mirror)

This blog contains the following topics:



Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting--- Internal Light-emitting


An internal light-emitting mirror is a circle of embedded lights on the edge of the surface of the mirror. Sometimes it is embedded on both sides or on the top and bottom.

The strip is installed on the edge of the mirror or a few centimeters from the edge of the mirror. The strip will be covered with a layer of frosted acrylic or glass and other materials.

The most basic and common method is to do frosting or sand blasting on the back of the mirror glass, where the inner light is. Make the light softer and will not hurt your eyes. The light-transmitting part of the strip location can also be designed into a variety of patterns. 

If you prefer the modern simple style, you can choose the comfortable and durable frosted style.


frosted internal light-emitting bathroom mirror

the comfortable and durable frosted 

internal led bathroom mirror of Mirplus


Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting--- External Light-emitting


The light strip of the external light-emitting mirror will be installed at the back of the mirror, circling the mirror shape. So you will see the light source on the side.

External light-emitting models of mirrors can also be selected with an outer frame to cover the light source.


MIAOHUI 24 inch framed backlit mirror

 MIAOHUI 24 inch framed backlit mirror


There are many types of framed mirrors to choose from, and all the frame styles are for decoration. You can buy any kind of mirror with a frame you like. We have a wide range of framed mirrors. 


ice flower frosted frame bathroom mirror

ice flower frosted frame


aluminum frame bathroom mirror

aluminum frame


special-shaped acrylic frame

special-shaped acrylic frame


Two Options You Need to Consider

--- Light efficiency and color temperature


Simply put, the bright and the color.

Let's get started:

Efficiency and color temperature are different. When choosing a bathroom mirror light strip, there will be different color temperatures and different brightness of the strip to choose from. Some LEDs look brighter, while some are darker, some are white, and some are dark yellow, bright yellow, beige, etc.


1. The Bright

Different kinds of light sources, their luminous efficiency is also different, such as white woven lamps with luminous: efficiency of 10LM/W, general energy-saving lamps: luminous efficiency of 40LM/W, spiral energy-saving lamps with luminous efficiency of 50LM/W.

In short,

the higher the luminous efficacy, the higher the power, the brighter the light!

Some small manufacturers originally produced very low light efficiency. But in order to make customers look brighter, they increased the color temperature to make it brighter, as a way to make a profit. This is fundamentally not really bright, but the illusion of the human eyes in visual sensing. If you look in the mirror or put on makeup under this LED light for a long time, your eyesight will get worse and worse.

So to protect your eyesight, you can choose the high-quality led mirror in our shop.


soft led strip

-high quality soft led strip of the mirror in our shop


2. The Color

Color temperature is generally from 2700K to 6500K. 2700K is what we often call warm light; 6500K is cool light; 4100K is a neutral color.

three color temperature

Three color temperature comparison


Now, you might be wondering:


Which Color is Suitable for My Mirror in the Bathroom?


Generally, to the bathroom mirror, no hesitation, all in.

Because they have their own benefits.

Warm light creates an atmosphere, feels softer, and gives a warm feeling. You can enjoy a relaxed light when brushing your teeth in the evening.


Cool white light is similar to sunlight at noon, with good color rendering and more clear and realistic. It is suited for morning shaving, make-up, and eyebrow plucking.


Neutral light is suitable for families, not harsh. And perfectly, it makes you look good in a selfie.


Here is a secret about light for girls when making up --- Office lighting is usually cool white light, so you’d better choose it when applying makeup. The lighting of dinner parties is usually warm, so you should choose a warm light for making up. Of course, for outdoor occasions, you can choose neutral light. Got it?


Let's jump right into another key problem:


How Bright Should the Mirror Lighting in My Bathroom Be?


When the lighting in the bathroom is not set properly, shadows can appear on the human face in front of the mirror, which is not conducive to face cleaning activities such as make-up and shaving. Therefore, increasing the lighting in front of the mirror and letting the light source hit the face evenly can avoid the above situations.

But the truth is: When shopping online, you can't feel if the light is suitable. After reading this introduction, you can read in the product description whether the brightness level of the lamp is suitable for you---

LM/LUX is the unit that indicates brightness. For example, a classroom requires a brightness of 300lux; a kitchen needs 200lux; a corridor needs 50-100lux.

The key information for you: Bathroom light with optional brightness of 75-150lux!

comfortable led bathroom mirror
Bathroom mirror with suitable and confortable light



It's Time to Try the Motion Sensor and Touch Sensor on the Smart LED Mirror.


Imagine this:

What if you want to turn on the light when your hands are dirty or stained with foam? Don't worry, just hold your hand close to the sensor and move your hand over, the light will turn on. There is no need to wash your hands before pressing the button to turn on the light.


bathroom mirror with motion sensor

You also can adjust the color temperature and brightness by using the waterproof touch sensors on the mirror. Just touch the first sensor switch, the color temperature will be switched and there are three color temperatures to choose from --- warm light, cool light, neutral light. Long press, the second sensor can switch the brightness level, cycle from 5% to 100%.


adjustable brightness bathroom mirror

The power button of this lighted mirror has a memory function. Next time, when you turn on the mirror, its light will remain the same as when it was turned off last time. Make every makeup or shave more convenient.

You can also install a night light hidden behind the mirror to make it convenient to go to the toilet at night.


See this smart bathroom mirror with all the lighting effects you need.




After reading this introduction, what types of bathroom mirror lighting do you like? Do you think your mirror light needs to be updated? Please go to my home page to see more related bathroom mirror products.

What else would you like to know about? Tell me in the comment section!


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