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If you're looking for a sleek, modern look in your bathroom, going frameless with your bathroom mirror is the way to go. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one for your space? The backlit mirror is one of the frameless style; it provides a soft glow that won't cast shadows on you as you prepare for the day ahead.

This guide will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. 


Is Frameless Mirror Good for My Bathroom?

America is a country with many different styles of décor, from the traditional to the modern. One type of décor that has become popular in recent years is the frameless bathroom mirror. These mirrors have a clean, sleek look that can complement any style of bathroom. In addition, frameless mirrors are very easy to clean and maintain.

20"*28" small size oval frameless mirror

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The frameless mirror is a stylish and easy to install option that requires no hardware. This means you can minimize maintenance work with your bathroom decor because there are no metal pieces in contact, which often get rusted or tarnished over time due to their environment - like moisture!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a frameless mirror for your bathroom.

First, frameless mirrors are usually quite heavy, so make sure that your walls are strong enough to support the weight.

Second, be aware that frameless mirrors do not provide any storage space. If you need a place to store toiletries or towels, you will need to consider another option.

Overall, frameless mirrors can add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a modern update or a classic look, a frameless mirror may be the perfect choice for you.


Choose a Style | Five Types of Frameless Bathroom Mirrors for Homes in America

What kind of frameless bathroom mirror should you buy to update your home in America? There are five types of mirrors to choose from, and each has its own unique benefits. Which one is right for you? Read on to find out!


1. Rectangular frameless bathroom mirror

A rectangular frameless bathroom mirror is a cool and trendy addition to any bathroom, and it has several benefits.

First, rectangular frameless mirrors provide a more contemporary look than traditional framed mirrors.

In addition, rectangular frameless bathroom mirrors make your bathroom appear larger and brighter. The clean lines of a rectangular frameless mirror also help to create the illusion of more space.

If you are looking for a way to update your bathroom without spending a lot of money, rectangular frameless bathroom mirrors are a great option.


mirplus 24"*32" rectangular frameless bathroom mirror led backlit mirror
24"*32" rectangular frameless led backlit mirror


2. Oval frameless bathroom mirror

Oval frameless bathroom mirrors are great for a number of reasons.

First, they provide a more accurate reflection than a traditional rectangular mirror. This is because the oval shape eliminates distortion around the edges. As a result, you can be sure that you're seeing a true reflection of your appearance.

In addition, oval mirrors tend to be more stylish and modern-looking than their rectangular counterparts. They can help to give your bathroom an updated look without needing to make any other changes.

Finally, oval frameless mirrors are very easy to clean. Because there are no metal frames to collect dust and grime, you can simply wipe down the glass with a soft cloth. This makes oval frameless mirrors an ideal option for busy households.


mirplus 20"*28" oval frameless bathroom mirror led backlit mirror
20"*28" oval frameless led backlit mirror
mirplus 24"*32" oval frameless bathroom mirror inner-glow led mirror
24"*32" oval frameless inner-glow led mirror


3. Round frameless bathroom mirror

The round frameless bathroom mirror is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is stylish and can help to make a small bathroom appear larger than the framed one.

The mirror can also be used to accentuate other design elements in the room, such as the sink and countertop.

When shopping for a round frameless bathroom mirror, it is important to consider the size of the mirror in relation to the size of the room. A too-large mirror can overwhelm a small space, while a too-small mirror may get lost in a large bathroom.

In general, it is best to choose a mirror that is roughly two-thirds the width of the vanity.


mirplus 24" frameless bathroom mirror led backlit mirror
24" frameless led backlit mirror


4. Frameless medicine cabinet with mirror

A frameless medicine cabinet with mirror is a great way to add storage and style to your bathroom.

These cabinets are designed to be installed directly on the wall, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space.

In addition to providing handy storage for toiletries, they also offer a full-length mirror, making them a great choice for any bathroom.

Whether you're looking for a simple wall-mounted cabinet or something more elaborate, there's sure to be a frameless medicine cabinet that's perfect for your home.


mirplus bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror
36"*24" frameless medicine cabinet with mirror


5. Large frameless bathroom mirror

America is a country that is obsessed with appearance. From the clothes we wear to the way we style our hair, we are constantly trying to put our best foot forward. This is also true when it comes to our homes.

We want our homes to be stylish and reflect our unique personalities. One way to do this is by incorporating a large frameless bathroom mirror into your decor.

Not only do they look chic, but they can also be a practical addition to your space. Large frameless bathroom mirrors can help to make a small bathroom appear larger and brighter. They can also be a great way to check your appearance before leaving for work or going out for the night.

So if you're looking for a way to spruce up your space, consider investing in a large frameless bathroom mirror.


AWANDEE large led bathroom mirror


Choose a Placement | Where Should I Place My Bathroom Mirror

1. An Area that Captures Natural Light

Mirrors should be placed in an area that allows them to reflect natural light. So that they capture as much of this free shine and provide brightness to illuminate your room while you makeup! The ideal place would be opposite the bathroom window, to catch some light during daytime hours - which makes a small space look larger, plus brighter too.


2. An Area that is Movable and Useful

Make sure that the place where you place the mirror has room to move around. If you decide to place the mirror on a shelf or mount it on a wall, it should be at a reasonable height so that the center of the mirror is at eye level. The height of the mirror is also crucial, especially when trying to catch the light.


3. According to Feng Shui, What Should I Consider When Choosing the Position?

Mirrors are essential in the home, especially in American homes that have modern interior decor. According to statistics, one American family has at least 3 to 4 mirrors. The placement of mirrors is also very learned, according to Feng Shui, how should the mirrors in your home be placed? The following is the answer to your question.


FengShui tips for your bathroom
  1. Do not place the mirror against the front door of the house.

Reason: Mirror has a reflection function, placed against the door will be easy to reflect the fortune out, resulting in poor fortune at home.


  1. Bathroom: the mirror should not be placed directly against the window.

To avoid the reflection of bad things outside the window, then caused by fright, generate anxiety.


  1. Bathroom: Do not weaken the lighting in the bathroom.

Feng Shui says that the bathroom is the most Yin and dirt in the house, so it is necessary to enhance the lighting in the bathroom to boost the Yang energy. Make your family feel at ease and in good health. A bathroom mirror with lights is a good choice in this regard!


  1. Bathroom: Do not place against the toilet.

It's the same reason as the previous tip. The toilet is the most filthy place in the house. If placed against the toilet, it will lead to the emission of these dirty Qi into the whole house, thus interfering with the house's atmosphere.

Besides, the toilet in the bathroom represents personal privacy. If the mirror is placed against the toilet, it will make people feel insecure and their privacy will be exposed.

If a person is in this state for a long time, it will produce greater psychological pressure, which will affect your health over time.


  1. Avoid placing in places where people are easily frightened.

Reason: Mirrors can reflect the energy of people and objects. So avoid placing them in the most vulnerable or unconscious places.


Let's make it easy.


Don't put it where you first see it when you wake up, because this time your Yang energy is the weakest and you are easily frightened. Or put it directly across from the door. Every time you enter the door, you are easily frightened. In this way, people are prone to mental tension in the long run.


  1. Round and oval frameless mirror symbolizes perfect and harmonious.

You'd best choose these two types of mirror to place in your bedroom or above the hostess dressing table. Or you can also choose the less angular style.


  1. Living room and dining room suitable for placing square mirrors. Its square pattern can strengthen the owner's momentum. But it is best to use those mirrors with frames, to avoid fury being


  1. Also need to pay attention to: once the mirror is broken, it should be replaced in time to avoid bringing bad luck to your home.


The above gives you a brief overview of a few tips on how Feng Shui suggests you place mirrors. If you find it useful, please leave your footprints in the comment section. Then I will go into more detail about Feng Shui and interior decoration in the next issue, which is a big question that can avoid a lot of trouble for you.


Choose the Size | How Big and High Should a Mirror Be Over a Bathroom Vanity?

When it comes to buying a frameless bathroom mirror, one of the most important decisions you'll make is determining the size and height of the mirror. A smaller mirror may be less expensive, but it may not provide enough space to view yourself fully while getting ready. A mirror that's too high or large may dwarf the bathroom vanity and feel overwhelming. So, what's the perfect size and height for your new frameless bathroom mirror? Read on to find out!


from mirplus


Designer Tips for choosing the size of mirrors:

  • Start by choosing your vanity. It's much easier to find a mirror that matches your vanity than it is to find a vanity that matches it.
  • The most important rule is that the width of the mirror should not exceed the width of the vanity. It is best to be a few inches narrower than the vanity.


Here are some tips that can help you decide how high you should place your mirror.

  • Consider the height of the user: The height of the mirror should ideally be at eye level with the user.
  • Mount the mirror 5 to 10 inches above the sink.
  • If your mirror does not come with its own light, then place the mirror in the center between the sink and the vanity lighting. Minimize shadow casting and get good lighting. If your mirror comes with lighting, then you can disregard the location of the ceiling light.
  • Standard vanity mirrors are typically 28-34 inches high.


Let’s go further,


  • If you want to elongate your space, for example,if you have a high ceiling, you can choose a large vertical shaped mirror to make your space look more grand and noble.
  • If you want to emphasize the width of your room or create the illusion of spaciousness in a small bathroom, then you can choose a wide square mirror with horizontal orientation.
  • If you have two side-by-side sinks, you can choose one large mirror, or two small mirrors. If you only have one sink, then I would not recommend you install two mirrors.


Four Tips | How to Keep My Frameless Bathroom Mirror Looking New and Shiny for Years to Come?

First things first: dust before you clean

Before you take out your household products to clean the mirrors in your home, there is an important step to take: dusting.

Wipe the entire surface of the mirror with a dry cloth (microfiber, if possible) to remove all volatile dust.




Here are four tips to maintain your mirror:


Tip 1: Clean mirrors with lemon juice

The first magic ingredient to clean your mirror without buying chemical products at the store is ...... In your kitchen!

To make your mirror look as good as new, take a lemon from your fruit bowl and cut it in half. Then soak a cloth with the juice of the fruit and wipe the mirror with the soaked cloth. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Your mirror is already bright and clean!


Tip 2: Clean mirrors with potatoes

Like lemons, potatoes are one of the foods that can help you clean your mirrors without having to buy a cleaner. To keep your mirror clean and shiny, use this grandmotherly trick: cut up a raw potato and wipe one of the pieces on the surface of the mirror.

Then immediately soak a cloth in diluted white vinegar and clean the surface of the mirror.


Tip 3: Clean mirrors with newspaper

If you want to have clean mirrors in your home, make sure you never throw away old newspapers all together!

In fact, to easily clean your mirrors, you can soak a few sheets of crumpled newspaper in window cleaner or even better, in white vinegar. Wipe them down normally and then enjoy the results!


Tip 4: Clean mirrors with glycerin

If you're tired of seeing water stains on your favorite mirror, then glycerin is for you!

There's nothing too complicated about cleaning your mirror with glycerin: dip a soft cloth in this healthy household product and wipe the mirror, and your mirror will be as good as new .



After reading this article, do you know how to choose and place your frameless bathroom mirror? Was this article helpful to you? Leave a comment in the comments section and you'll get 20% off to buy the hottest selling frameless oval mirror on our site!

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