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Are you remodeling your bathroom and need to take down the medicine cabinet? Don't demolish your home before you read our guide on how to remove a frame of medicine cabinet mirror safely and easily!


Can You Frame a Medicine Cabinet Mirror?

There's nothing like a good home improvement project to make you feel like you're really taking control of your life. Updating your old medicine cabinet with a new mirror frame was such a simple project, and it made such a big difference in the look of the room!

If you're thinking about doing something similar, here are some tips to help get you started.


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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Frame of Medicine Cabinet Mirror

When it comes to medicine mirror cabinets, the frame is an important part of the overall look. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a medicine cabinet mirror frame:


1. The material.

The most common materials for the frames of medicine cabinet mirror are wood and metal. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, wood is more traditional looking but metal is more durable.

I analyzed a lot about the frame of mirror in What Bathroom Mirror Frame for Modern House Should I Choose. If you are interested, please check it out.

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    2. The finish.

    The finish of the frame of medicine cabinet mirror can also be important. For example, a glossy finish will be easier to wipe clean than a matte finish.


    3. The overall style.

    The frame of medicine cabinet mirror should also complement the overall style of the bathroom. For example, a metal mirror frame with a sleek, modern design would not look out of place in a minimalist bathroom, but it might look out of place in a more traditional space.  


    Choosing the right frame of medicine cabinet mirror is an important part of creating a bathroom that looks and feels cohesive.


    How to Replace the Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do is keep your home in good condition. This includes replacing broken or outdated items with newer, more functional ones. If your medicine cabinet mirror is starting to look a little run down, it's definitely time for a replacement. I'll walk you through the process of replacing a medicine cabinet mirror yourself. So if you're ready to get started, keep reading!



    Step 1 - Put on protective clothing

    Before attempting to remove the old mirror from the cabinet, make sure you are wearing proper protective clothing. Wear long-sleeved clothing, goggles to protect your eyes, and a pair of gloves. When removing the mirror, you will be able to avoid any injuries that may be caused by shards of glass. Use a tarp or newspaper as a shield to cover the area you are working in.


    Step 2 - Try to identify the location of the glue on the back of the mirror

    You must now identify the locations where the previous builder applied glue to the medicine cabinet doors in order to hold the mirror in place. You can identify these locations by tapping on the mirror and feeling for gaps underneath.

    Draw several circles on the mirror to mark each spot where you think there is glue behind the mirror. These marks will help you when you remove the mirror.


    Step 3 - Remove the mirror with a heat gun

    Use a heat gun to soften the glue so that you can remove the old mirror more easily. When pulling out the mirror, be careful to make sure you don't damage or break the cabinet door. You can also help remove the mirror by inserting a putty knife or a flat metal rod behind the mirror. Slide the knife or rod from side to side to cut the glue between the mirror and the cabinet door.

    Remember the rule of thumb, carefully remove broken pieces from the mirror first.


    Step 4 - Paste the new mirror

    Now it's time to replace the old mirror with a new one. First, measure the cabinet doors, then purchase a pre-cut mirror from a home furnishing store. Before installing the new mirror, remove any dirt or dust from the cabinet doors. Glue professional quick-drying glue to the back of the mirror. Then install the new mirror onto the cabinet door and press it down so that it is securely fastened in place.





    Step 5 - Secure the mirror with tape

    Use tape around the mirror to act as a temporary fix. Once you have attached the mirror with quick-drying adhesive, hold it in place by hand for a while and then continue to hold the mirror in place for some time with the tape around the mirror. Please remember to ask for help when fixing the mirror. This way it will not fall off when you remove anything that holds it in place.


    10 Budget Ways to DIY Your Frame of Medicine Cabinet Mirror

    If you're tired of frameless medicine mirror cabinets in your home, there are ways you can upgrade them on a budget. Decorative medicine cabinet exterior frames are actually the same as those of a regular flat mirror, with a few differences in installation methods. All you have to consider is how to secure these materials to the door frame of the medicine cabinet.

    In this article today, we will only show some suggestions and styles to decorate your medicine cabinet. If you like it, please leave a message in the comments and we will talk about how to fix different materials on the mirror or door frame of the medicine cabinet in the next issue.


    frameless medicine cabinet with led mirror, shelves adjustable

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    1. Wooden frame medicine cabinet

    via Lauren blesserhouse

    The first and most classic style is of course the wooden frame. Choose your favorite wood panel at the building material store and decorate your medicine cabinet with wood panel material.

    TIP: Once assembled, remember to sand the corners.

    Some stores can even make the entire frame for you, so you just need to go home and attach it to the door.

    via west elm

    After the basic wood frame is finished you can also use paint to paint your own wood frame with DIY patterns or paint it in a color that matches your interior style.

    The mirror below is painted with a black and white piano-key style diagonal stripe. Make the original white wooden frame of the mirror more textured.


    1. Add the metal elements of industrial retro style

    via Amazon

    Based on the wooden frame, you can also paste or nail L-shaped metal strips on the four corners. Perfectly replicating the industrial retro style.. Isn't it the type that homeowners of any age will love?


    1. Add a simple geometric design to the four edges


    Adding the simplest geometric design patterns to the edges of the frame gives your medicine cabinet a great visual optimization.

    The design of these four corners can also be extended to many design ideas. Using a template or printer, for example, you can create a variety of patterns (waves, clouds, triangles, etc.).

    Do you already have ideas in your mind?


    In addition to adding a border to the door, you can also decorate directly on the door panel or mirror:


    1. Aluminum foil frame brings luxurious effect


    via musingsonmomentum

    You can directly paste gold or silver aluminum foil that has been randomly flattened onto the mirror surface. This makes the mirror surface look more luxurious and very unique in its own way.


    1. Clay diy frame of medicine cabinet mirrors

    via Wizardry

    This is one of the most common materials for DIY, and more and more people are using this ultralight clay to put their unique creativity into various gadgets. It is very common and easily available in toy stores, stationery stores, and online shopping malls. Go ahead and create your own ideas.


    1. Mosaic frame medicine cabinet mirror

    via the stonybrook house

    Please note that normal mosaics are very heavy. If you like this design, you can choose a special light mosaic. Otherwise, it will be too much for the hinges to bear when directly attached to the mirror.

    The advantage of this design is that the mosaic is very diverse. You can also buy the bulk of the mosaic specifically for DIY; choose your favorite color and style, free to match.


    1. Make the surface of the medicine cabinet into a mirrored window

    via blesserhouse

    Make your own medicine cabinet mirror surface into a window look, open the door at the same time as open the window. This idea is particularly great!


    1. Glue beads on the edge of the medicine cabinet mirror door

    via delineateyourdwelling

    If you happen to have a string of beads in your dresser that you are not using, you can take it apart and glue it around the edge of the cabinet. This would make a very nice craft. Of course you may not have enough beads. They are also cheap to buy at stores or flea markets.


    1. Rattan mirror frame

    via atcharlotteshouse

    The rattan outer frame gives it a vintage, natural feel.


    1. Faux-metallic gold striped edge

    via a beautiful mess

    You can create different patterns on your mirror with vinyl and then spray it gold! It's a great way to add some modern style while being able to remove it when you don't want anything anymore.



    So there you have it – a quick guide to the different types of mirror frames and when each is appropriate. I hope this information was helpful and that you now feel confident in your ability to choose the perfect frame for your medicine cabinet mirror. As always, let me know in the comment section if you have any questions or need additional advice. And be sure to check back soon for more home improvement tips!

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