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A lighted medicine cabinet is a must-have for any modern American house. It's the perfect place to store your medicine and other health supplies. Plus, it comes with a mirror so you can check your appearance before heading out the door.

When choosing a lighted medicine cabinet, be sure to pick one that fits the style of your home. 

In this blog, I will explain the reason why I recommend lighted medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house for you!

I believe that this blog can provide all the necessary information for the lighted medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house.


This blog will conclude with the following topics:


      What are the Types of Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Modern House Can I Choose?

      Firstly, according to the installation method, there are surface-mounted medicine cabinets and embedded medicine cabinets.

      Secondly, according to the production material and process, some popular types of frames are aluminum, wood and stainless steel.

      Of course here is not a comprehensive classification, but today we are going to talk about modern home style, so we will only talk about these types that are suitable for the American modern house.

       wall mounted and embeded lighted medicine cabinet


      Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinets

      Also known as wall-mounted medicine cabinets, they are easy to install because they do not require digging into walls. Unlike recessed medicine cabinets, surface-mounted cabinets can be easily installed on the existing walls of the bathroom or any other room.

      You can consider this option after your bathroom renovation is completed, as it does not require rigorous construction. You can also install these lighted medicine cabinets on the walls of your new space which has been renovated in a matter of minutes. In other words, using surface-mounted cabinets takes less time compared to recessed medicine cabinets, as well as being easy to replace.


      Recessed Medicine Cabinets

      Recessed medicine cabinets are known for their built-in neat appearance and the fact that they do not take up much space. These two features make this cabinet aesthetically more desirable than any other type of medicine cabinet. However, in order to save costs and ensure safety, you have to determine the wall construction issues in your own bathroom first, so you need a professional at your service.

      Because its case must be installed in the wall, wires and pipes that may already exist in the wall must be rewired. In addition, the wall thickness is limited, and the capacity of a surface-mounted medicine cabinet is limited. So usually it will have a smaller capacity than a surface-mounted-only lighted medicine cabinet. Or in case you buy a wide one, the walls are not thick enough; then a part of it will have to protrude outside.

      When is it convenient to install a built-in lighted medicine cabinet?

      Since it requires a certain amount of construction, you have to choose to install it when you do the bathroom renovation, not after you finish the complete renovation, or when you think of it on the spur of the moment.


      Aluminum Medicine Cabinet

      Aluminum medicine cabinets have many benefits:

      1. Lightweight
      2. High hardness, not easy to be deformed.
      3. Good corrosion resistance
      4. Easy processed
      5. Beautifuland modern appearance
      6. Not susceptible to insect damage
      7. Good pressure resistance
      8. Anti-scratch effect


      In addition, it does not contain formaldehyde and has a long service life, which are incomparable advantages of wooden cabinets.

      Aluminum medicine cabinets can be directly flushed with water, dismantling and assembling are also more convenient, so you do not have to worry about the problem of cleanliness.

      The last and most important issue, cost-effective! It will be cheaper than stainless steel!

      So if you already have an aluminum medicine cabinet on your list, don't hesitate.


      MIRPLUS bathroom medicine cabinet is made of all-aluminum alloy material

      MIRPLUS bathroom medicine cabinet is made of all-aluminum alloy material


      Wooden Medicine Cabinet

      The wooden medicine cabinet is sophisticated and looks elegant. Some people think they are only suitable for classically styled decoration. But, in my eye, some fashion design medicine cabinet also fit in your modern bathroom. They have a range of surface styles, from simple natural wood styles to metallic and tasteful matte styles. They give a unique style to your bathroom.

      But ordinary wood has many drawbacks, If you’re interested in it, you can follow this related article: What Bathroom Mirror Frame for Modern House Should I Choose.

      Therefore, you need to make sure that the material you choose is a quality wood and that the exterior of the wood has been treated to be water resistant.

      Generally, wooden medicine cabinets are not suitable for built-in installation.

       wood frame medicine cabinet

      via design+house


      Stainless Steel Medicine Cabinets

      A stainless steel medicine cabinet is more durable than any of the materials mentioned above. It has the following advantages

      1. Environmentally friendly
      2. Moisture and mildew resistant
      3. The surface is detailed and clear, not easily scratched, with a metallic luster to ensure maximum glow, so your medicine cabinet always looks new.
      4. Variety of styles, if you want wood grain, it can do it too.


      1. Heavy weight, the walls that bear it, should be strong enough.
      2. Ordinary stainless steel material will leave water marks and fingerprints on the surface. If it is a special fingerprint-free process on the surface of the stainless steel plate can effectively ensure that the above situation will not occur.


      The MUST Functions of Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Modern House

      1. Adjustable Shelf

      An adjustable shelf is perfect for storing medicines because it can be customized to fit whatever size container you need to store. Whether you have a large bottle of medication or several small ones, an adjustable shelf will make sure that everything fits comfortably.

       medicine cabinet with adjustable shelf

      20x 28 inch lighted medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves


      2. Soft-closing Function❗

      With the soft-closing function, a gentle push is all that is needed to bring the door back to the closed position automatically and slowly. It prevents pinching, acts as a cushion, and does not make noise. If there are elderly people and children at home, then this function is a must. It will make your life a lot more comfortable.


      3. Interior Mirror

      Some lighted medicine cabinets also come with mirrors behind the door panels, and even inside the storage cabinets. There are mirrors inside and outside, so that you can easily use the mirror in all directions. Even when you open the door to take medicine, you can use the mirror to observe the state of your face. You don't have to close the door again to use the mirror. This will be much more convenient.


      4. Wide-angle Door

      Compared with other ordinary medicine cabinets, the wide-angle door can be unfolded 180°. You can easily take the items from the cabinet while looking in the mirror. It can be done at the same time.


      5. Anti-fog Function

      It is very necessary to install anti-fog function in the mirror of the bathroom. Even in bathrooms with wet and dry separation, water mist will still adhere to the mirror. When you come out of the shower and want to look in the mirror, it is impossible to do so. You also need to wipe the mirror with paper towels, and in many cases, you can not wipe it clean.

      But if you have the anti-fog feature, after the shower, with a lightly press, the perfect you can be clearly displayed.


      6. Adjustable Color Temperature & Brightness

      Generally speaking, adjustable led lights come with three color temperatures for you to choose from: warm light, cool light, and neutral light.

      These lights are not just play a role in regulating the atmosphere, but more importantly, they have an application function--- When you attend a dinner party, you need to turn on the warm light to makeup, so that the effect will come out better.

      When you put on makeup to go to the office for work, you should turn on the cool light, because the office light is closer to the cool light.

      When you want to see the skin details clearly, or squeeze pimples you should turn on the neutral light, because the neutral light is closer to the sunlight at noon. Make you look more realistic.

      Adjustment of brightness is also necessary. Very simple to adjust--- depending on your actual needs.

      three color temperature of the led medicine cabinet

      three color temperature of the lighted medicine cabinet with mirror


      Want to know more about the LED mirror light?

      Recommend you to read: What are the Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting for  Homes in America 


      7. Touch Sensor

      Nowadays, smart mirror lights come with touch sensing, which looks cooler and more convenient than the traditional push-button switches. There are also more functions. Many functions are controlled by a touch sensor. Some are one sensor switch, with different number of touches or time to control multiple functions. Some are one touch switch to control one function.


      The Benefits of Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Modern House

      1.Two-in-one function, cost-effective

      If you buy a lighted medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house, you have two functions of the mirror and the cabinet.

      2. Remind yourself to take your medicine

      You will go to the bathroom every morning to brush your teeth and organize your grooming, so you will use the mirror every day, and you will remember to take your medicine when you see the mirror. In case you still don't remember, you can write down a reminder on the mirror.

      3. Water-proof and moisture-proof

      Although the bathroom moisture is quite a lot, but the lighted medicine cabinet will have a water-proof and moisture-proof function, don’t worry.

      4. Match the general decoration style

      Medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house is very suitable for modern decoration style. They usually have a neat, simple appearance and convenient function. They meet the needs of your modern life.




      What is the Price of a Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Modern House

      The price depends on the additional features you choose. There's a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and functions available.

      Fundamentally, a rectangular medicine cabinet about 4" to 6" deep and varying from 15"*20" to 30"*36", recessed or wall-mounted in stainless steel with adjustable shelves and without mirror, may cost 100 dollars.

      Expect to pay 200-500 dollars or more for a larger cabinet with more durable materials and stylish details, like different shapes, different frame material edge, sliding doors, hidden hinges, a safety lock or other options. 

      For example, the MIRPLUS Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror is 5.98" D x 20" W x 28"H with inductive light switch, adjustable shelves, and light temperature, and costs about 250 dollars.





      Considerations before Buying a Medicine Cabinet with Mirror for Modern House

      Before you start looking for the lighted medicine cabinet, consider these questions, which may influence your choice of the best lighted medicine cabinet for your home.

      1. Will this medicine cabinet store items that you use daily or frequently?
      2. How much storage space do you need?
      3. Do you need to store large bathroom items, or just a few smaller items? How tall are your tallest items?
      4. How is your bathroom lighting and do you need additional lighting for your new medicine cabinet? Where is the lighting enhanced?
      5. Do you prefer a built-in or wall-mounted medicine cabinet? Can your bathroom accommodate the requirements?
      6. How big is the area you will use for the cabinet?
      7. Will your children be able to access the medications in this cabinet?

      Answering these questions will help you better understand your needs and make the choice easier.


      Some great Medicine Cabinets with Mirror for Modern House I Recommend to You

      No matter what your needs are, there is sure to be a lighted medicine cabinet on this list that will suit your needs. So, if you are looking for a lighted medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house, be sure to check out one of these great options.


      double door medicine cabinet with mirror, led on two sides of the door
      Mirplus double door medicine cabinet with mirror inside and outside,
      with led on the edges of the door, and motion sensor
      Size: 36''W×24''H×5.95''D
      double door medicine cabinet with mirror, led strip around the door  
      Mirplus double door medicine cabinet with mirror inside and outside,
      with led around the door surface, and motion sensor to control the light,
      adjustable shelves. Size: 36''W×24''H×5.95''D

      small size medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house

      Mirplus small size single door medicine cabinet with mirror inside and outside,
      with touch sensor and motion sensor, adjustable Storage Shelves
      Size: 5.98"D×20"W×28"H




      Finetones lighted aluminum medicine cabinet with mirror 
      with large and small doors
      Size: 5.1"D x 26.3"W x 29.9"H



      ExBrite LED Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror
      ExBrite LED Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror,
      KEY POINT:with adjustable brightness and color temperature, and defogger
      Size: 24''W x 30''H x 4.5''D





      No matter how you choose a lighted medicine cabinet, you can't get away from the two features of durability and style matching. Catching these two characteristics to find your new lighted medicine cabinet can certainly not be wrong.

      After reading this article, I hope you can find the goods of your choice.

      Do you have doubts about the lighted medicine cabinet with mirror for modern house? Please tell me in the comment box below. I will keep my blog updated.


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