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A medicine cabinet is an important piece of furniture for any home. It is a necessary storage space for medicines, toiletries, and other items. When choosing a medicine cabinet, there are several factors to consider. Size, style, and features are all important considerations. This buying guide will help you choose the perfect medicine cabinet for your home.


How to Choose the Right Size for a Medicine Cabinet?

For a medicine cabinet that will be flush with your vanity, measure the width of both pieces. Make sure it's not wider than what you want for storage or if there are drawers below then make them accessible without having anything blocking their paths (i.e.-a coat hook).

For height purposes only take into account straight up measurements; don't bother trying to figure out how high they'll go over an outlet since these units can come in many different heights depending on brand!

How to pick the right size wall mirror?


What are the Differences Between Recessed and Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet?

Next you have to choose the installation method of the medicine cabinet. There are two types of medicine cabinets for installation - recessed installation and wall-mounted installation.

Recessed medicine cabinets can save you a lot of space and are the best choice for smaller bathrooms. Either type of mirror cabinet will provide you with plenty of storage space. The appearance of a recessed mirror cabinet looks similar to a normal mirror and can be almost flush with the wall. It makes your bathroom space look neat and simple.

If you don't want to damage the walls of your bathroom, the process of installing a wall-mounted medicine cabinet is much easier.

In addition to the difference in appearance, there will also be a difference in the waterproof level of the material used for recessed medicine cabinet and wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

Medicine cabinets made of aluminum are more suitable for recessed installation than those made of wood, because aluminum cabinet is more waterproof and mold resistant.


How to Choose the Materials for a Medicine Cabinet?

When looking for a medicine cabinet, one of the most important factors to consider is the material from which it is made. Some materials are more durable than others and can better withstand wear and tear over time. Here is a look at some of the most popular materials used to make medicine cabinets and the pros and cons of each.


Frameless Mirrored Medicine Cabinets: These are sleek cabinets with a mirror on the front and no frame. They are perfect for sleek, minimalist and modern styles because they give a modern and functional look. Of course, the cabinet material of mirrored medicine cabinets can be wood, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, etc.


Aluminum: Aluminum is popular in medicine cabinets because it is very light to hang. Aluminum is highly water and rust resistant. The smooth surface gives a premium feel and suits any modern decoration.


Plastic: If you want a cheaper cabinet that can fit into a more casual bathroom space, take a look at the plastic models.


Classic wood frame: the finished wood frame cabinets are waterproof enough, but the waterproofing of handmade cabinets is usually not good enough. And the waterproof requirements of cabinets placed inside the bathroom are very high and cannot be chosen casually. Wooden cabinets that are not waterproof enough can also become moldy in a humid environment. Textured wood is suitable for bathrooms using natural styles, rustic bathrooms or rustic spaces.


Stainless Steel: Cabinets made of stainless steel are corrosion resistant. The perfect shine of stainless steel makes these cabinets perfect for modern or brightly colored bathrooms. However, all stainless steel cabinets are too expensive and too heavy to hang.


How to Choose the Lighting for a Medicine Cabinet?

The location of the lights of the medicine cabinet:

  1. Both sides of the mirror door
  2. The top and bottom of the mirror door
  3. The four sides of the mirror door
  4. Inside the medicine cabinet

The surfaces of medicine cabinets with mirror doors on the market today are fitted with light strips, and different light strip positions will have different lighting effects.

If you need to apply makeup or do careful facial cleaning in the bathroom, then a full light strip installed on all four sides of the mirror door is a good choice.

If you just want to add some light to your bathroom, but don't need much light placement, then the first and second light strip positions will suffice. These two light positions will be less expensive than the full light type of medicine cabinet.

If your medicine cabinets are specifically for the elderly, then I suggest you choose this kind of cabinet with lights inside. This kind of medicine cabinet will allow the elderly to read the instructions of the medication, or some other details, and make it easier to find things inside the cabinet.

36"*30" full light medicine cabinet


If you think you have enough light in your bathroom to see what's inside the cabinet or medication instructions, then cabinets without interior light strips are a good choice to save you some money. Cabinets with fewer strips are cheaper.

36"*30" half light medicine cabinet


The Different Features of a Modern Medicine Cabinet

Motion sensor

Mirrors with motion sensors free your hands. You just need to put your hand under the sensor, gently swing your hand, you can turn on the mirror headlights, without leaving any water marks or fingerprints on the surface of the mirror. But this kind of medicine cabinet can only be wall-mounted.



The best medicine cabinets for use in the bathroom come with a defogging function that allows you to use the mirror properly in a humid and foggy environment.


Shaver socket

The recessed shaver sockets are water resistant and can add safe and flexible charging outlets to your bathroom.


Adjustable shelves

Modern medicine cabinets are equipped with height-adjustable shelves and flexible space that allows you to put down any height of medicine bottles or cleaning agents.


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