RBROHANT Solid Brass Matte Black Shower System, High Pressure Rainfall Shower Fixtures Complete Faucets Sets, 10 Inch Black Shower Head Combo Luxury Rain Mixer

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serial number 5
Overseas Warehouse Distribution Model JK0036
product name bathtub faucet
surface treatment Matt black
material copper
Price $ 239.0
Inner box weight Unit/(kg) 5.25
Unit/(lb) 11.57
Inner box size Unit/(cm) 45*34*13
unit/(in) 17.72*13.39*5.12
Outer box size (cm) 47*36*54
Carton Weight(KG) 23
Qty 4
How many functions does the product have two functions
How many functions does the hand have single function
Handheld flow (unit: GPM) 80psi 3.54gpm
Whether the handheld bracket is fixed Yes
Handheld material Stainless steel
Whether the hand-held fixed seat can rotate and swing 360 degree swing back and forth
Handheld stand material copper
Decorative cover material Stainless steel
Whether the bathtub faucet can be rotated no
Bathtub faucet material Stainless steel
Whether the product has certification (complete product certification, only valve core certification or only water inlet pipe certification) Spool CUPC certification
Can multifunctional products use these functions at the same time (for example, whether the hand-held and overhead spray can only discharge water separately, or can they discharge water at the same time) alone
Is there a diverter valve Have
Spool type (ceramic, thermostatic, pressure balanced) pressure balance valve
Main panel material Stainless steel
The main material copper
Handle material Zinc alloy
Is there a hot and cold mark on the handle or panel (I tried the picture before, but there is actually one, which leads to credit) Silk screen red and blue dots
Detailed explanation in Chinese 1. Two-function bathtub faucet, the color is matte black, and the surface material is copper 2. The hand-held single function, the hand-held flow rate is 0.55:14.71 13.4, the material is stainless steel, the hand-held fixing seat can rotate and swing, the material is copper, and the decorative cover is made of stainless steel 3 .The bathtub faucet cannot be rotated, and the material is stainless steel 4. Separate water outlet, it is a pressure balance valve core, with valve core certification, with water diversion valve, separate water outlet 5. The main panel is made of stainless steel, and the handle is made of zinc alloy. Silk screen red and blue dots