bathroom faucet drawing surface treatment Spool CUPC certification Inlet pipe CUPC certification

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serial number 7
Overseas Warehouse Distribution Model JK0024
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product name bathroom faucet
surface treatment drawing
material copper
Price $ 99.0
Inner box weight Unit/(kg) 2
Unit/(lb) 4.41
Inner box size Unit/(cm) 37*23*8
unit/(in) 14.57*9.06*3.15
Outer box size (cm) 48*39*42
Carton Weight(KG) 26
Qty 10
Whether the product has certification (complete product certification, only valve core certification, or only water inlet pipe certification) Spool CUPC certification Inlet pipe CUPC certification
Handle material Zinc alloy
Is there a hot and cold mark on the handle or panel (I tried the picture before, but there is actually one, which leads to credit) Silkscreen red and blue dots
The main material copper
spout material copper
Decorative cover material copper
Whether the spout can be rotated Do not
Flow (GPM) 1.97
If it is a drawable model, please fill in the range that can be drawn /
Product inner box unpacking diagram  
Product inner box picture  
Product outer box picture  
Detailed explanation in Chinese 1. Bathroom faucet, color is brushed, and the material is copper. 2. The valve core is CUPC certified, and the water inlet pipe is CUPC-certified. 3. The handle is made of zinc alloy, with silk screen red and blue dots.
4. The main body is made of copper.
5. The decorative cover is made of plastic
6. The spout cannot be rotated, the material is copper, and the flow rate is 0.41:7.93