MIRPLUS 24''×32'' Rectangular LED Bathroom Mirror backlit (Horizontal & Vertical)

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  • anti-fog
  • adjustable color temperature
  • frameless
  • brightness memory
  • backlit
  • frosted edge

About this item

Implementing sleek design with a modern twist, Mirplus' rectangular led mirror is perfect for any home. This eye-catching accessory can be used in the bedroom or living area to create an elegant ambiance that's both functional and appealing!

Product Description


product description for MIRPLUS 24''×32'' Rectangular LED Bathroom Mirror backlit (Horizontal & Vertical)

product description for MIRPLUS 24''×32'' Rectangular LED Bathroom Mirror backlit (Horizontal & Vertical)

Why choose MIRPLUS

  • MIRPLUS is committed to creating a more comfortable home life for you
  • Enjoy high-end hotel quality bathroom products at the most affordable price
  • MIRPLUS has a variety of bathroom products, which sell well all over the world



  • Adjustable brightness & color temp
 A single touch switch makes it simple and easy to turn ON/OFF and adjust the color temperature.  MIRPLUS dimming mirror provides you with various temperature options: press and hold the smart switch to change light gradually from yellow warm light to cold white light. 
  • Smart memory function
The power button of this lighted mirror has a memory function. Its light will remain the same as when it was turned off last time. Make every makeup or shave more convenient.
  • Built-in defogger
The moment you turn on the mirror, the defogger is on automatically, with no need to clean, rinse, etc., giving you the perfect fog-free experience ever.
  • Vertical & horizontal installation
It contains the vertical or horizontal installation, accommodating sinks, vanities, and dressing tables of different sizes. 
  • Shatter-resistant
Our shatter-resistant design enhances the SAFETY of mirrors, without splashing debris, much safer than regular glass mirrors.
  • Anti-rust
5mm copper-free environmental silver mirror, white-painted iron chassis, and hanger can resist scratch, moisture, and corrosion.  MIRPLUS mirrors last longer than standard mirrors.
  • Plug or Hardwire installation
The upgraded way of power connection offers you a plug-in or a hardwire connection.
  • IP44 Waterproof
Effectively prevents fogging and water droplets; designed with silicone strips to strengthen the seal; our mirror also comes with an electrical box to provide double resistance to moisture in a humid environment. 
  • Sturdy packaging
Newly improved packaging protects both the mirror corners as well as the front and backside of the mirror much better. 
  • Easy installation
Accessories like positioning cardboard, spanner, installation instruction, and wall-mounted bracket on the back of the mirror make it convenient for you to locate and install within 15 minutes.


Our advantages

Smart touch switch & Frame structure

Smart touch switch & Frame structure

  • A single switch controls all functions like memory function, dimmable function and fast defogging function. Durable Copper-free silver mirror. Mirplus mirror glass is protected by the surrounding frame structure and explosion-proof technology.
Fast defogging function

Fast defogging function

  • Ideal for bathroom and humid environment. The built-in defogger is activated when the mirror lights on, never worry about the mist or water drops blurring the surface of the mirror.
LED light strip

LED light strip

  • LED energy-saving& waterproof flexible light strip. Waterproof light strip to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments, the LED lights are highly energy-efficient lifetime approx 50000 hours


  • PLUG-IN and HARD-WIRED are both supported. Mirplus mirrors can be hardwired to a switch on the wall. Ideal for bathrooms, but can be used effectively in any living space.


Overall 24"*32" (vertical or horizontal) Frame thickness 1.8"
Color Temp 3000K-6000K IP Rating IP44
Lumen 2240LM CRI >80
Average Lifespan 50,000 hours Product weight 18.3lb