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What can you do to make your home bathroom more stylish? What shape mirror for bathroom? For the decoration, the beauty of the bathroom is never the same; the biggest secret is to choose a suitable shape bathroom mirror that attracts attention. Do not underestimate this small item; it will tell you with practical effect, that your bathroom, because of this mirror, from now on becomes noble.


This blog will conclude with the following topics:


What is the ideal mirror shape for your bathroom?

Let's first understand what are the bathroom mirror shapes, understand the advantages and disadvantages of each shape of the mirror, then you will be able to choose the most suitable mirror shape for your bathroom by yourself.

Bathroom Mirrors + Different Shapes

The most common bathroom mirror shapes are rectangles and circles, followed by ovals and squares, and finally various other designs of shaped models, such as hearts, diamonds, polygons, irregularities, etc. You can never go wrong with a regular shape, but in 2022 the most popular one is the oral.


Best Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Shape


best bathroom mirror shape 1 - rectangular
best bathroom mirror shape 1 - rectangular mirror

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A rectangular mirror is the basic bathroom mirror shape of the home bathroom mirror. Most families in America will choose this shape.

Because this shape is simple, clean, strong sense of line, moderate, and more durable. The angular square mirror will also give a sense of rigor, more suitable for the modern decorative style.

Especially in small bathrooms, choosing a rectangular horizontal bathroom mirror will visually enlarge the space.


A rectangular bathroom mirror has almost all the features you need

A rectangular bathroom mirror has almost all the features you need


Based on the above mirror, this rectangular mirror has an additional built-in magnifying mirror, which is a favorite of girls.

You can see the details of your skin very clearly when you are putting on makeup, shaving, doing facial cleansing, and squeezing pimples.

Rectangular bathroom mirror with a built-in magnified mirror

Rectangular bathroom mirror with a built-in magnifying mirror


Best Round Bathroom Mirror Shape

You can't go wrong with round.

A round mirror will have a more rounded aesthetic, making the whole bathroom space softer.

Are round mirrors out of fashion?

Round mirrors, which never go out of style. It encompasses many functions and versatile styles. From mid-century modern to minimalist to industrial and more, there are plenty of round mirrors to add visual splendor to your home, whether they are hung in the entryway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room.
The most common way to determine your mirror size is choose a mirror that is 1-2 inches shorter than the width of the countertop of your bathroom vanity. Many also prefer to keep the mirror flush with the vanity, which is a matter of preference.
best bathroom mirror shape 2 - round
best bathroom mirror shape 2 - round mirror


Best Oval Bathroom Mirror Shape

The oval bathroom mirror does not have to be medium egg-shaped. It can also be a partial square. It is a rectangular mirror with four corners made of a rounded shape. Such an oval bathroom mirror is more innovative.

Are oval bathroom mirrors any good?

Make your room feel like it's alive with the magical impact of an oval mirror!

These mirrors are optimal for smaller spaces.

With frameless designs, they add just enough drama without taking up too much wall real estate or compromising on design elements like other types do - making them perfect additions to any home décor collection.

best smart bathroom mirror shape 3.1 - oval
best smart bathroom mirror shape 3.1 - oval mirror


best smart bathroom mirror shape 3.2 - oval
best smart bathroom mirror shape 3.2 - oval mirror


Best Octagonal Bathroom Mirror Shape

A rare octagonal bathroom mirror that makes a statement. This bathroom mirror has a strong sense of lines and is suitable for stylish decorating styles.

Octagons are not just for traffic intersections!

This shape can be found in bathrooms too, where it’s often used as a stylish mirror style.

Some designs feature eight-sided mirrors encased by frames of the same shape while others incorporate round or oval-shaped mirrors inside octagonal frameworks to make them more interesting looking than your average square-framed ones would appear at first glance.

But there's really no right answer when deciding what kind you want.

So go ahead and explore different options until something catches YOUR eye.

best bathroom mirror shape 4 - octagonal
best bathroom mirror shape 4 - octagonal led bathroom mirror

Best Irregular Bathroom Mirror Shape

The irregualr bathroom mirror placed in any bathroom is the center of attention.

Looking for a more personalized look?

Check out our selection of irregular mirrors.

These beautiful pieces are perfect additions to any room in your home and will provide you with an artistic touch no matter what style speaks up!

From 20$ up to 2000$, there is surely something here just right fits whatever budget-minded buyers might have.

shaped led bathroom mirror 1
shaped led bathroom mirror 2



Bathroom Mirror + Different Frames

Although frameless bathroom mirrors look neat and cool and make the space visually wider, they can be a bit monotonous for a long time. Some homeowners in America prefer framed bathroom mirrors to coordinate with the style or overall color of the bathroom. Frames come in even more varieties than the shapes of the mirror.

You can find them in this past article:

What Bathroom Mirror Frame for Modern House Should I Choose?

Get a more comprehensive look.

Now, let's use round bathroom mirrors as examples.


Acrylic Framed Bathroom Mirror

I believe that everyone has heard of the advantages of acrylic material. It is lighter than stainless steel, cheaper, stylish, and durable in appearance. It is stronger than glass and better for the touch.

Usually, we make the acrylic frosted style to increase the aesthetics.

Acrylic framed bathroom mirror


Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror

Metal frames can also be subdivided into copper frames, stainless steel frames, and aluminum frames. These are the most common types. Metal frames come with cool attributes, giving a decisive sense of calmness. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of various metal frames.

round metal mirror
round aluminum framed led mirror


But the friends who buy metal frame bathroom mirrors, you should be able to identify the materials of waterproof performance is good enough. Make sure that it will not rust and blacken after using it for a long time.


Wooden Framed Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors with wooden frames give a back-to-basics feel. With its beautiful natural grain, the wood frame is perfect for use in a classically decorated space.

But it’s the same thing,

when buying a wood framed bathroom mirror, make sure the wood is waterproof and insect resistant.

wooden framed bathroom mirror
rectangular wooden framed bathroom mirror without light


Ice Glass Framed Bathroom Mirror

Isn't the mirror of the ice flower glass process very special? And it is a smooth glass surface, very easy to carry out cleaning.

ice glass framed led bathroom mirror
Ice glass framed led bathroom mirror

Bathroom Mirror + Storage Function

Nowadays, many people will use the space to stratify and combine the bathroom mirror with the storage cabinet, so that the bottles and jars can be hidden and will not look cluttered and crowded.

However, putting things in the cabinet under the vanity, you have to bend down to open the cabinet to find things, very inconvenient. So this hidden role can only be played by the mirror cabinet.

Normally, bathroom mirrors with cabinets are rectangular and are divided into single-door, double-door and multi-door mirrored cabinets. Mirror cabinets are also called bathroom medicine cabinets.

Of course, there are other shapes, such as round and oval. The rectangular shape makes more rational use of space and has more storage space compared to other shapes.


Small Size Single Door Bathroom Mirror

Medicine cabinets are different from single-sided mirrors, which have restrictions on the weight and the size of the opening position.

So they are not the bigger the better. You have to choose according to the actual situation.

If your bathroom is small or the walls are too fragile, it is best to choose this small single-door aluminum medicine cabinet.

The aluminum material will also be lighter and rust-proof. It can open at an angle of 180 degrees and has a mirror installed on the back of the door as well as inside the cabinet.

When you fully open the door to use, it is equivalent to having a double-sized mirror!

That's awesome!

small size single door medicine cabinet with light

small single-door aluminum medicine cabinet


Cost-effective Double Door Bathroom Mirror

If your bathroom is of regular size, then I suggest you choose this double-door medicine cabinet. It has plenty of storage space. What's more, it has adjustable shelves. No matter what the height of the shower gel, shampoo, potion, toothbrush, or razor, you can put them all and not waste space.

Cost-effective Double Door Bathroom Mirror

Deluxe Three Door Bathroom Mirror

In addition to being wider, a three-door medicine cabinet has the benefit of narrower doors.

It means, that when you open the door to get something without having to sidestep the opening angle, you can easily get the things inside the cabinet.


Deluxe Three Door Bathroom Mirror



Bathroom Mirror + Intelligent

Intelligent furniture is becoming more and more dominant in modern houses, from small sweepers, to the large security systems. All of them can not be separated from the figure of intelligent furniture. Today we will take a look at this small bathroom mirror, what surprises can it bring us?


Dimmable Function

The dimming function can not only adjust the brightness of light, but also adjust the color temperature. With these two dimming functions to meet the needs of daily makeup.

I know you have a question:

Why is the lighting of the mirror so important when it comes to makeup?

You may be interested in reading this past article:

What are the Types of Bathroom Mirror Lighting for  Home in America


Display Time and Temperature

The smart bathroom mirror can display the time and temperature. When you brush your teeth, you can see it. It's really necessary for people who have a strong sense of time!

I bet you don't have a clock in your room or bathroom, and if you don't happen to have a watch, you'll have to turn on your phone frequently to check the time.

So with a makeup mirror that shows the time, you can keep track of the time when you are doing your makeup, so you don't have to look for your phone to check the time.

Some smart mirrors are sensing the indoor temperature, and some are connected to WIFI to display the outdoor temperature and weather.

Both are very practical. You can decide what to wear according to today's temperature.

smart mirror display time and temperature
smart mirror --- display time and temperature

Anti-fog Function

When we take a bath, hot water steam encounters the mirror with low temperature; it will be easy to form a foggy surface. The electric anti-fog function increases the temperature of the mirror surface by heating, so that the fog evaporates quickly. Anti-fog function is really necessary!


Bluetooth Function

Smart bathroom mirror can be connected to the Bluetooth function. You can listen to music while bathing, you can also answer the phone. In addition, after connecting to the Bluetooth you can listen to books and news at any time.

smart mirror with bluetooth speaker
smart mirror with bluetooth speaker


TV Mirror

What is the necessity of a TV Mirror?

Imagine this:

You are watching TV in your bedroom or living room, but your wife calls you to brush your teeth and wash your face. Then you reluctantly leave the TV, turn around and go into the bathroom, turn on the smart mirror, and you can see the synchronized content again!

You slowly and carefully brush your teeth, shave or shower. You turn off the mirror and go back to the bedroom to continue watching what you just saw.

Isn't that great?

I'd love to possess it.



Since the smart bathroom mirror is required to be connected to a power source, the battery or wiring needs to be completely enclosed inside the waterproof box on the back of the mirror to be safe. Please check to see if waterproof function is available when you buy a smart bathroom mirror.

In addition, since you will put medicine or shaver, hairdryer, and other appliances inside your medicine cabinet, make sure that the door of the medicine cabinet you buy is perfectly closed to achieve the effect of waterproof and fogproof into the cabinet.


Bathroom Mirrors + Creativity

Bathroom mirrors are also a design focus for many home designers. For example, designer Amber Uhl, Carrie Carrollo, Clémence Poles, etc. They have made great contributions in this area. These creative mirrors, however, are more suitable for public use in parlors, clubs, galleries, stores and other public places for viewing. Not much practicality in the bathroom.

special mirror
via west elm (by designer Amber Uhl)


Consider your whole style, Choose the suitable shape mirror for bathroom

You have to consider the decorative style of your entire house, and most importantly, the style of this bathroom.

If you're starting over with a brand new bathroom renovation, you have a wider variety of options and decorating styles. If you're matching existing styles, there may be some limitations to your choices.

The last thing you want is for your mirror to look out of place in the beautiful bathroom setting you've created. 

You can choose the shape of your mirror to match your bathroom based on the existing color, texture, décor, hardware or lighting.

Depending on how these components are chosen, they work together to create a specific bathroom style, such as minimalist, luxury, vintage, rustic, Venetian, futuristic, etc.

Please note that each bathroom mirror can be matched to one or more bathroom styles, so it is important to consider when choosing the right piece for your space. 


For example, a round or oval mirror suits a vintage or rustic style. A frameless round or square fits a minimalist bathroom image. Shaped backlit mirrors are suitable for futuristic bathrooms. A multifunctional mirror with lights suits a luxurious bathroom space, and so on.


With this information, you'll be able to choose the perfect shape for your bathroom mirror with confidence! Of course, if you need more advice, Mirplus team would be happy to help you! Take a look at our gallery for a wide range of high quality, versatile bathroom mirrors for every type of bathroom space.

To see our full range of quality bathroom mirrors, click here!

If you're looking for more inspiration or information on design and decor, current trends or installation guidelines, care and maintenance guides, check out more of our blogs.


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