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Looking for a great bathroom mirror?

Wondering what are the best mirrors for bathroom?

You're in luck!

We've rounded up some of the best smart mirrors on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your space. Whether you're looking for a traditional mirror or something more contemporary, we've got you covered.

Read on to learn more!

You may want to change something in this mediocre life. It's hard to make big changes, but we can start small, like replacing your old bathroom mirror. I believe that avant-garde best backlit led bathroom mirror can make your life more vivid.

If you are looking for a best backlit led bathroom mirror, I hope this article can help you.

There are so many shapes of the backlit led bathroom mirrors.
Round, oval, rectangular, square, octagon and irregular.

Please welcome our No. 1 contestant to the stage.


Best backlit led bathroom mirror --- Round


The Mirplus best round backlit LED bathroom mirror is an excellent addition to any minimalist or contemporary décor.
It replaces both the standard bathroom mirror and that pesky bath bar often set over it by tucking integrated, damp-listed lamping just behind this sleek looking device's reflective surface which blasts outwards giving off a nice shine that can be used for tasks like applying makeup easily without having too much ambient light distracting you while doing so!

Let’s take a closer look.



Let's see what secrets will be hidden behind the unparalleled simplicity of the appearance?

Note that the mirror is not exposed; it is wrapped in a circle of acrylic. So when you look over the side, your eyes will not be harshed; and this mirror achieves a very good waterproof effect.

This is excellent!

Compared to other mirrors with exposed lights, this mirror is very cost-effective!

This backlit led bathroom mirror can be installed by simple manipulation on the surface of the wall. The back Z-Bar is made of high quality aluminum alloy for long life and is resistant to rust even in wet environments.

This round backlit led bathroom mirror has the anti-fog unit in the middle area of the mirror.

It is worth noting here that the anti-fog area does not cover the entire mirror. It is usually just the central part of the mirror which is limited by the size of the anti-fog film.

This mirror also has a dimming function; the color temperature is kept at our usual lighting 6000k, and can be adjusted for light and dark.

Of course, it will have a memory function. Once you have set the brightness you want, the next time you turn on the light you will not have to adjust it.

On the back of the mirror there is a waterproof iron box to wrap all the wires, appliances, etc. so that they are not exposed to the humid air.

One of the benefits of using this best backlit led bathroom mirror is that it allows you to look in the mirror without shadows casting on your face, allowing you to see your facial details clearly and adding brightness for you at the same time. This makes it very easy to apply makeup and do facial cleansing.

Mirplus waterproof light strip to ensure safe lighting in wet bathroom environments; the LED lights are highly energy-efficient. Its lifetime is approx 50000 hours.


Here is the basic information of this round best backlit led bathroom mirror:

Overall dia.24'' Frame thickness 1.81"
Color Temp 6000K IP Rating IP44
Dimmable CRI >80
Average Lifespan 50,000 hours Product weight 12.2lb


Without further ado, let's take a look at selection No.2.


Best backlit led bathroom mirror --- Oval


Mirplus elegant best backlit led bathroom mirror (Oval) is the perfect way to refresh your bathroom. The sleek design features an eye-catching LED illumination that will highlight every aspect of its faceted surface while providing optimal interior illumination for use in any modern home décor theme!


Let's take a closer look at the details.



It has soft lines and light, which not only can be used in the bathroom, but also perfect for use in the bedroom.

Here is a suggestion:

When we choose a mirror for the bedroom, we should tend to choose one that has a rounded appearance. Such a mirror in the bedroom will provide a harmonious atmosphere to the couple or family, conducive to domestic harmony. And mirrors with sharp edges are not suitable to be placed in the bedroom.

So, you can buy two of these mirrors at the same time, one for the bathroom and one for the bedroom, killing two birds with one stone.

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Bring it home now!

Next, let's see how it looks when the lights are not on.

You can click on the picture to see an enlarged image.

The edge of the mirror is about 5 cm wide frosted glass. The advantage of frosted glass is that it makes the light look softer and gives a misty beauty.

In contrast to the round backlit led bathroom mirror described above, it has no frame and no glass edge, so it looks like it is floating on the wall, giving a sense of metaphysical technology.

This oval backlit led bathroom mirror, on the other hand, is a much softer beauty.

The mirror is made of 5mm copper-free silver mirror glass, making the image clearer. The mirror surface is smooth and not easy to leave water stains.

Mirplus shatter-resistant design enhances the SAFETY of mirrors, without splashing debris, much safer than regular glass mirrors.

Mirplus saves you a lot of trouble; we only have one button!

One button controls all functions.

When you tap the sensor switch, the defogging function and the light turn on at the same time. The defogging area is located in the middle part of the mirror, making it easy to see yourself clearly in a foggy bathroom in just a few seconds.

Long press the sensor switch to adjust the brightness of the light.

Memory function is also allowed.

This mirror, like the one described above, is also not adjustable in color temperature, only the usual 6000K white light. If you want to be able to adjust the color temperature of the mirror, please read on.


Here is the basic information of this oval best backlit led bathroom mirror:

Overall 20" W×28" H Frame thickness Approx.1"
Color Temp 6000K IP Rating IP44
Lumen 1900LM CRI >80
Average Lifespan 50,000 hours Product weight 13.9lb


Then it was the turn of the No.3 selection on the stage.


Best backlit led bathroom mirror --- Rectangular



Implementing sleek design with a modern twist, Mirplus' rectangular best backlit led bathroom mirror is perfect for any home. This eye-catching accessory can be used in the bathroom or living area to create an elegant ambiance that's both functional and appealing!


Let’s jump into the detail.

One single touch switch makes it simple and easy to turn ON/OFF and adjust the color temperature.  

MIRPLUS dimming mirror provides you with various temperature options: press and hold the smart switch to change light gradually from yellow warm light to cold white light.

Warm light creates atmosphere, feels softer and gives a warm feeling. You can enjoy a relaxed light when brushing your teeth in the evening.

A cool white light is similar to sunlight at noon, with good color rendering and more clear and realistic. It is suited for morning shaving, make-up, and eyebrow plucking.

Neutral light is suitable for families, not harsh. And perfectly, it makes you look good in a selfie.



Here is a secret about light for girls when making up ---

Office lighting is usually cool white light, so you’d better choose it when applying makeup.

The lighting of dinner parties is usually warm, so you should choose a warm light for making up.

Of course, for outdoor occasions you can choose neutral light.


It contains the vertical or horizontal installation, accommodating sinks, vanities, and dressing tables of different sizes.

This rectangular backlit led bathroom mirror, like the previous one, is made of frosted glass around the edges. It can provide you with a softer light.

The moment you turn on the mirror, the defogger is on automatically, with no need to clean, rinse, etc., giving you the perfect fog-free experience ever.

The upgraded way of power connection offers you a plug-in or a hardwire connection.

Newly improved packaging protects both the mirror corners as well as the front and backside of the mirror much better.


Here is the basic information of this rectangular best backlit led bathroom mirror:

Overall 24"*32" (vertical or horizontal) Frame thickness 1.8"
Color Temp 3000K-6000K IP Rating IP44
Lumen 2240LM CRI >80
Average Lifespan 50,000 hours Product weight 18.3lb



Why Choose a Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror?

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there are a lot of choices to make. One of the most important is what type of mirror to choose. The best backlit LED bathroom mirror offers a number of advantages.



The appearance of the backlit led bathroom mirror gives the impression of floating on the wall due to the specificity of the location of the glow. The light behind these mirrors perfectly outlines their silhouette.

This sense of ambiance is something that other mirrors and wall sconces cannot provide. Many decorations in the living room also use this form of backlighting to beautify the environment.

If your bathroom is small or low in height, installing wall sconces or chandeliers is not a good choice, which can make your bathroom appear more depressing.

This time, a backlit led bathroom mirror is perfect, which will make your bathroom look neat and orderly, clean and tidy.


LED light

Backlit led bathroom mirrors provide softer and more energy-efficient light than incandescent lamps, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the bathroom. At the same time, it can provide different needs.

As also mentioned above, because of the special nature of the backlight, the light will shine the face evenly and will not cast shadows.

It makes the light spotless when you are putting on makeup or shaving. It is the ideal lighting source.


What’s more:


Normally, this smart mirror also has dimmable function; you can adjust at least three color temperature and a variety of brightness. Meet your various needs.



Generally, backlit led bathroom mirrors are simple wall-mounted. It can be easily hung over your sink using only a few screws. However, large bathroom mirrors still require professional installation.



Smart backlit led bathroom mirror contains so many functions. Among the more commonly used are dimming, defogging, display time and weather, explosion-proof, touch sensor, motion sensor, and so on.

More advanced are Bluetooth function, built-in TV screen, voice prompts, etc.


You can also install an independent night light under the mirror with motion sensor control. Turn on the night light when you go to the bathroom at night, without having to turn on the harsh lights on the ceiling.


So it will be easier for you to fall asleep when you go back to the bedroom.


What are the Best Mirror for Bathrooms?

These best backlit led bathroom mirrors above provide you the best answer.

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