Are Smart Bathroom Mirror with Speaker Any Good?

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Wondering if a smart bathroom mirror with speaker is worth the investment? We break down the pros and cons of these mirrors, as well as offer some tips on what to look for when shopping.


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What is a smart bathroom mirror with speaker?

In this era of rapid development, more and more smart furniture is being created. In your home, are there a variety of intelligent products? How many can you name?

The most typical ones are smart floor sweepers, smart curtains, smart toilets, smart lights and so on.

modern smart home


However, the service time of mirrors can be very long; some homes still have antique mirrors left by their ancestors which are still serving the family, so the renewal of mirrors at home is very slow.

The coverage of smart mirrors is not yet much. Many families only wait until the home mirror is knocked out to replace the new mirror.

However, what is not known is that smart mirror technology has now evolved into a magic mirror like the mirror of Snow White's stepmother.

lighted medicine cabinet with motion sensor

lighted medicine cabinet with motion sensor

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Bluetooth mirrors represent the next evolutionary step in bathroom audio technology. So, the pace of updates is definitely moving forward.

While many people are still just hanging traditional mirrors, you're one step ahead of everyone else with this advanced luxury mirror!

Isn't that great?

Have you ever used a recorder, MP4 or cell phone to play music while you were in the shower? Do you like to have a solo concert in the bathroom? Do you want to never miss an important phone call in the shower or on the toilet?

Now, the Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Mirror can help you!

mirplus smart bathroom mirror with speaker

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The Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror is a multi-purpose product that allows your favorite music to flow directly into your bathroom, while still providing the usual help of a traditional mirror.


Other Functions of a Smart Bathroom Mirror with Speaker

When you think about a "smart" mirror, you may think of something that is used for vanity purposes – to help you get ready each day. However, there are many other functions that a smart bathroom mirror can serve.

In this blog post, we will discuss three other uses for a smart bathroom mirror with speaker.

So if you are in the market for such a mirror, read on!


Smart bathroom mirror with shaver socket

smart bathroom mirror with speaker and electrical socket

For those items that require a charging outlet, the bathroom is not the ideal place - water and steam don't get along with electrical socket.

To charge in a bathroom environment, your electric razor or toothbrush needs a special socket.

If your bathroom isn't equipped, or if you haven't taken this into account in your bathroom design, you're out of luck if you want to charge them in the bathroom.

Fortunately, Bluetooth mirrors come with their own sockets so you can charge your razor or toothbrush in time. There's no need to install a separate waterproof shaver socket.

These types of mirrors are much more convenient than traditional mirrors.


Adjustable Color Temperature & Brightness

Generally speaking, adjustable led lights come with three color temperatures for you to choose from: warm light, cool light, and neutral light.

These lights are not just play a role in regulating the atmosphere, but more importantly, they have an application function--- When you attend a dinner party, you need to turn on the warm light to makeup, so that the effect will come out better.

When you put on makeup to go to the office for work, you should turn on the cool light, because the office light is closer to the cool light.

When you want to see the skin details clearly, or squeeze pimples, you should turn on the neutral light, because the neutral light is closer to the sunlight at noon. Make you look more realistic.

Adjustment of brightness is also necessary. Very simple to adjust--- depending on your actual needs.

Want to know more about the LED mirror light?

Recommend you to read THE 10 BEST Lighted Bathroom Mirrors in 2022


Anti-fog Function

It is very necessary to install anti-fog function in the mirror of the bathroom.

Even in bathrooms with wet and dry separation, water mist will still adhere to the mirror. When you come out of the shower and want to look in the mirror, it is impossible to do so.

You also need to wipe the mirror with paper towels, and in many cases, you can not wipe it clean.

But if you have the anti-fog feature, after the shower, with a lightly press, the perfect you can be clearly displayed.

anti-fog round backlit bathroom mirror

anti-fog round backlit bathroom mirror

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Are Smart Bathroom Mirror with Speaker Any Good?

The answer is YES.

For me, I would find it very useful. Because I'm a severe headphone demander, I often feel like I'm missing something important if I'm away from my headphones.

Connecting Bluetooth in the bathroom mirror, can let me receive information from my phone while I'm in the shower or doing my makeup. That is very necessary for me.

But whether a product is suitable or not really varies from person to person. It may be very useful for some people, but for others it may be optional.

So, combine the features and benefits of the above smart bathroom mirrors with speaker and make your own decision.

smart bathroom mirror


How to Use the Bathroom Mirror with Speaker?

The perfect mirror for your home needs to have a great sound quality and show you what's going on in the room without any distractions.

That’s why we recommend investing into one of our premium mirrors with built-in speakers, which will allow everyone there instead focus their attention solely on how beautiful they look!

To use this feature, make sure your mobile device is connected to the mirror and then adjust its volume until you find an appropriate balance.

You can also control it from afar by moving around in front of or behind the bathroom mirrors with no physical connection between them!

Starting your day with a little bit of nothing is the best way to get you ready for anything. It's like prepping before an exam, but better because it gets rid of all that noise and lets focus on what really matters: music! There isn't much more I need in life than putting on some tunes while eating my breakfast or getting lost inside one song after another.



So, are smart bathroom mirrors with speakers any good?

In a word, yes.

They can be a great addition to your home if you’re looking for ways to make your mornings a bit easier and want to add some extra functionality to your mirror. Of course, like anything else, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your purchase.

If you have any questions about whether or not one of these mirrors would be a good fit for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help!

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